Monday, November 30, 2009

Is it really Monday again? Goodness gracious the weeks seem to fly by! Well you know the drill by now...Not me! Monday is a blog carnival created by MckMama. If you want to play along or just want to read other people's Not me! Monday's just click the button above or click on MckMama's name. Have fun :o)

I did not live in PJ's for 5 days over Thanksgiving, nope not me! I would never not get dressed, especially not on a holiday! I must say though that it did not feel great to lounge around the house and not have to worry about being dressed up.

I did not get hooked on playing online Scrabble with Dewayne. I then did not spend every night after everyone went to sleep playing Scrabble until the wee hours of the night. Who knew Scrabble could be so much fun?

Best of all...I did not play hookie with my wonderful friend Sigrun today. We did not go to Olive Garden and spend 3 hours sitting there chit chatting about life and our dreams. We then did not head over to Walmart to do a little bit of craft shopping for me.

I am not super excited about my new craft project that I am starting. This new craft project is not my millionth project that I am starting. I do not love crafts :o)

Ok that is enough Not me! Monday for this week. See you next week for another fun and exciting Not me! Monday.

By the way, today marks the 30th day of this month. That means that I have completed my challenge in the NaBloPoMo, I was able to blog every day this month without missing a single day!!! It is actually quite amazing how easy it was to not skip a single day.

Have a great Monday!!!!


Pennie said...

I so ENJOYED that you did not skip one single day blogging this month! :) You're a WRITER, my friend!
So, what craft project are you onto now? Are you a yarny girl like your mother? I love those Nemo mittens on her blog! Those are ADORABLE!!!!!!

Laura said...

I love that you stayed in your jammies, sounds like my weeks sometimes! :) Good work on playing hooky and chatting with friends, sometimes we need that to stay sane! :) Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, and congrats on posting every day, you rock girl! :)

Anonymous said...

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