Monday, September 29, 2008


It is Monday seems like it is always Monday!!!  I had a really good weekend, it was probably the best weekend I have had in a long time!  On Friday Tyrique and Markus stayed the night at friends house and our friend Sigrún watched Kobe for Dewayne and I so we could go out on a date.  That was so wonderful!!!!  Dewayne and I went to Chedders to eat, not the best place that we have been to but it wasn't bad either.  We sat and talked and just enjoyed being alone with no kids for the first time since......hum I can't remember when.  

Kobe did great with Sigrún and her husband Eyjó.  He was just spoiled rotten and loved it!  When we went to pick him up he didn't even care that we were there, he just kept playing and clapping his hands.   We stayed at their house for about an hour talking and then we went home and collapsed in bed....not used to staying up so  

On Saturday morning we went to a football game for Tyrique.  This was their third game and so far they have won all of their games!!!!  This game they won 24-12!  Tyrique is loving playing football, he gets so much playing time too.  Every time I look out there he is back on the field.  They have games every Saturday for the next month or so and then if they keep doing this good then they will have play offs sometime in November.

Dewayne's birthday was on Saturday....Happy Birthday baby cakes!!!  He turned a whole 26 years he is getting old :0)  We celebrated his birthday by having a BBQ at the house.  We invited Sigrún and Eyjó and their kids, our friends Dwayne and Suzie and their kids and JD and Christy and their kids.  We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and had some potato salad and chips.  The food was so good and we were starving by the time we finally ate.  Dewayne is so damn good on that grill now that my mouth waters just thinking of his grilled food (he can make pork chops to die for).  

The guests stayed until about 1 am chit chatting and having a good time.  By the time everyone went home everybody was falling asleep.  We all had a wonderful time and hope to do it again soon.  

On Sunday Dewayne had to go to work for a few hours so it was just me and the boys here in the afternoon.  I went for an 8 mile bike ride and then worked out and did my crunches.  Then Suzie came to visit and we sat here and chit chatted till Dewayne came home from work.  Yesterday was just a nice lazy Sunday and we had a really good end of the weekend.  

I have to say one thing that I was so excited about yesterday though!  After my 8 mile bike ride yesterday I reached my half way point.  I have now ridden 52 miles out of the 100 miles I need to bike by Oct 31st.  I want to work out 5 days this week and if I get to ride my bike every day then I will do 40 miles just this week.  It all depends on the weather though.  Hopefully it will be nice this week.  I am so proud of myself for doing so well with my riding.  Hopefully I can keep this all up and loose this weight.

Ok well enough for now.  Have a great Monday everyone!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Today the boys and I went to the airshow at NAS Oceana.  We were going to go yesterday but the traffic was so bad that we decided against it.  I was supposed to be watching Kaden yesterday and I didn't want to get stuck in traffic and then get to the base and only get to stay about an hour and then have to leave to watch Kaden.  The boys were not really excited to go anyway and when Dewayne came home from work he turned the TV on to the channel that was showing the airshow.  Markus was so amazed and wanted to go now.  

So we left the house about 11:30 this morning and Dewayne told me he was going to meet me at the gate so I could get better parking and when  we get by the base he is on the side of the road waiting for us.  He was riding an ATV or four wheeler whatever you wanna call it that was a POLICE vehicle and had blinking lights on it.  He pulled out in front of us and we had a POLICE escort all the way on base through all the traffic and we got to park in the POLICE parking lot!!!  That was so damn awesome cause the traffic was horrible and the parking was worse.  Some people had to park all the way off base and walk through the base to get the airshow.  The boys were so impressed that they kept talking about wanting to be just like Dewayne when they grow up :0)  That was so cute.  So we park the car and say good bye to dad and off we go to the airshow.

The airshow was really awesome, the stunts that the pilots did were scary but very cool.  They had one race that was really awesome and that was where they had put an engine on a 18 wheeler truck that goes on a jet and they also had the rocket fire things on the back of the truck.  They had the truck race an airplane and the truck won.  It was probably the coolest thing at the show today.  The truck had fire coming out of the smoke holes on top and then it had fire coming out of the back just like a jet does.  It made the same noise as a jet taking off and it was fast as hell!!!  They also had all kinds of food at the show and the boys had pizza and we all had some lemonade.  We walked around for about 3 and a half hours looking at all kinds of planes and jets and the boys got to go in a FED EX plane and they also got to sit in the cock pit of a little 4 seater plane.  They walked away from this experience happy as could be and can't stop talking about how much fun the airshow was.  Markus even asked if they are going to have an airshow at the next place that we move to because he definitely wants to go to another airshow again!!!  The boys are so damn cute.  

Kobe liked the airshow too, he had some ear plugs in so the jets noise did not bother his ears too much and then he finally fell asleep for the last hour we were there.  The boys felt so bad for him because he could not go into the planes and he could not understand why we kept pointing at the sky.  Every time we pointed to a jet or a plane in the sky Kobe would raise his hands above his head and show us that he is "So Big"

Ok well enough for now I have to get Kobe to bed and get the boys ready for another week of school. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kobe is walking!!!!

Kobe started walking today!!!  We are so excited he is walking all over the house now and he is doing so good.  11 days after his 1st birthday he starts walking :0)

Kobe was standing holding onto the laundry basket and all of a sudden he let go and started walking.  
He was so excited and he did so good.  He walked about 10 steps or so and then fell on his butt and started clapping.
In this last picture he was showing Daddy when he came home from work what a big boy he is.  It was so cute!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Markus is so cute

On Friday last week Markus was watching TV and on TV was the show House (doctor show).  Well the show was about a kidney transplant and Markus was so into the show.  Half way through the show Markus comes into the kitchen where I was making dinner and asked me "Mamma where did my kidney go when they took it out of me?"  and I was kind of like what???  I had not been paying attention to the TV so I had no idea where that came from.  And he said "yeah Mamma remember when I had surgery when I was little and they took my kidneys out?  Well who did they give it to???"  Then I realized what was going on and explained to him that when his Kirtlar (tonsils..that's how you say it in Icelandic) were taken out that they did not transplant those into someone else because they were bad and could not be used for anyone else.  Then I went on to explain to him about where the kidneys are located and what purpose they serve and why people need kidney transplants.  I thought this was just so damn cute that I had to share it.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11th.....7 years later.

Well today is 9/11 a day that I will never forget as long as I live.  I can not believe it has been 7 years since it happened, it feels like it just happened maybe not a few days ago or even a few months ago but I remember it like it was just yesterday.  I was thinking of the families and friends who lost their loved ones today and then I saw this story for children and decided that I needed to share this with you.  I hope you enjoy!

The Glowers A 9/11 story for children


By Marc Gellman


Sept. 11, 2006 - This story, a conversation between two angels, is from Rabbi Marc Gellman's book 'And God Cried Too.' (HarperCollins, 2002) Gabe is a teaching angel and Mikey is a young angel in training.


Gabe was the first to show Mikey the Glowers. On one of those really clear and beautiful nights where you can see half way to forever, Gabe and Mikey were sitting on a cloud watching the sun set and the night take over from the day. The sky was red and orange and purple and yellow and blue all at the same time, and all changing every minute. When the light of the day finally got lost over the edge of the world Gabe said to Mikey, "Heaven is beautiful but there is almost nothing in Heaven as beautiful as this."


"Yeah," said Mikey. Sunsets rock."


"What?" asked Gabe.


"Never mind. I forget sometimes how old you are."


"Look down there Mikey and tell me what you see." said Gabe. Mikey looked and looked and said, "Nothing! I see nothing, except for some lights in the dark down there."


"What kinds of lights do you see?" Gabe asked.


"Nothing special. I see street lights and car headlights and the lights from a new Burger place just opening up, and...I see some other lights but I don't know what they are exactly."


"Look harder, Mikey. Look at the lights that have nothing to do with cars or burgers. Look at those lights again." Gabe said.


"OKAY GABE! Cut it out. If there is something you want me to see you better show it to me, because I am just a dumb little angel and you are big and old and smart."


Gabe laughed and said, "Follow me down there." Gabe dived off the cloud the way you would dive into a pool and Mikey dove right after him. When they were close to the ground but still up in the air Gabe said to Mikey, "Follow the brightest lights little angel, follow the brightest lights."


Mikey squinted his eyes and said, "Yeah the brightest lights are coming from that building over there. It must be one of those car stores or maybe the opening of a new restaurant. No, wait, its not that…its…I can't see without going closer where those lights are coming from."


"So go closer and you will see." Gabe said. They swooped down to the street where Mikey saw that the bright lights were coming from the faces of the people who were serving food to poor people who were hungry but had no money to buy food."


"They call it a soup kitchen even though they serve more than soup." Gabe explained.


"Yikes," screamed Mikey, "Who lit up those people."


"God lit them up." Said Gabe, "Well really it's the good in them that lights them up and God made people so that the more good they do the more they glow. When a person does a little good in their life, they glow a little and when they do a lot of good, they glow a lot. We angels call the good-deed-doing-people Glowers. The big Glowers shine so brightly that we can see them from Heaven."


"WOW," said Mikey. "Can other people see the Glowers?"


"No, and that is too bad. People can see things (and some bugs and fish) that glow, but only angels (and of course God) can see people that glow."


"The color of the Glowers looks familiar to me," said Mikey. "Its kind of yellow with a little orange and blue in it. I have seen that color somewhere before."


"Yes you have," said Gabe. "The color of the Glowers is the same color as the glow that comes from the place in Heaven that is closest to God."


"This is cool." said Mikey.


"Way cool." said Gabe.


After that night Mikey would gather with his friends to watch the sun set on earth and to count the Glowers. Even though Mikey learned how to spot Glowers during the day, it was always easier to see them at night. No light bulb or headlight, or Burger joint had the same color as the Glowers.


One bright morning on September 11th, 2001, Mikey saw millions of angels flying over to one place. He flew with them and saw that Gabe was standing there with all the other angels and he asked Gabe, "What's going on?" Gabe said nothing for a while and then, with tears streaming down his cheeks, he said quietly, "A very bad thing just happened down there on earth! We are getting ready to go down there and help. This is a big emergency. God is sending all the spare angels and even the angels in training down to earth to help."


Then a horn sounded in Heaven and suddenly millions of angels were diving off clouds and flying down to earth. On the way down to earth Gabe explained to Mikey that some very angry people had just flown some big jet airplanes into the two tallest and biggest buildings in New York City, and into a building in Washington D.C. They were about to crash another plane somewhere else, but the people on that plane stopped them by crashing the plane into an empty field in Pennsylvania. "Many thousands of people were killed this morning," Gabe said, "It is very sad. It is very bad. We need to be down there to help all the people who are dying and hurt and scared."


"I'm scared too." Said Mikey. "Who is gonna help me?"


"God is going to help all of us, but it is going to take time and it is going to be hard," said Gabe. They flew on in the flood of angels like little fish in a big school of fish swimming very fast together. Finally Gabe and Mikey got to the place in New York City where the buildings had been hit by the planes but before the buildings crashed down. They flew right into the upper floors, above where the planes hit. There was smoke and fire everywhere. People were screaming, "Help us! Help us!"


"Go help them little angel. Go help them!" Gabe said as he flew off into the smoke and fire and dust. Mikey walked through a door and saw a Glower call his wife on his cell phone and say to her, "Honey, I love you. I will see you in Heaven." Then he hung up his phone and fell over from the smoke. Mikey breathed into his mouth but the man was already dead. Just then something bumped into Mikey from behind and said, "Mikey move it or lose it!" It was Gabe leading a firefighter who was carrying a man down the stairs.


Mikey didn't know which way to turn and then he saw a dog. It was a guide dog leading a blind man but the dog was coughing and the man was coughing and they could not find their way out. "Follow me!" Mikey said to the dog in dog (Mikey spoke pretty good dog). Mikey led the dog and the man hanging onto the dog's collar to the stairs and they started to walk down. The stairs were filled with angels and Glowers and people coughing and crying and screaming. Mikey had never seen anything like it ever, ever, ever. They walked down stairs and stairs. The dog said to Mikey "I am scared and my throat hurts." Mikey said, "Don't worry we are going to get out of here. Keep going, just keep going down these stairs." After a few minutes that seemed like a few hours they got down to the ground and ran out into the street. The street was not much better but the smoke and dust were not as bad. Gabe was down there already and screamed at Mikey, "Get them away from the buildings NOW!" They ran and ran and got to a place where some fire fighters and police were helping people. They gave water to the dog and the blind man said, "Honey thank you. Good dog. Was somebody leading you?" Honey the guide dog said Woof! Which means, "Angel!" in dog. Mikey smiled but then flew back into the building again and again trying to help people get out.


Suddenly a huge roar and rumble shook the building and it began to crash down. Mikey flew out a window and saw the building crash down. Angels were flying everywhere but through the dust Mikey could see the Glowers helping people on the street. And then Mikey saw a tower of sparks flying up from the ground and through the dust and smoke and into the air and straight up, higher and higher.


"God is taking them straight to Heaven." Gabe said choking on his tears. "Those sparks are the souls of all the people who died here today. God is taking them straight up to Heaven. Almost always when a person dies the angel who watched over that person takes his or her soul to Heaven but today, Mikey it is God who is taking them all up to Heaven. What a terrible and sad day."


"I will never understand this." Mikey said softly.


"Nobody understands this." Gabe said, "Let's go home now."


As they flew back to Heaven, all the angels were part of the tower of sparks reaching to Heaven. It looked like a big bonfire had been stirred up and the sparks from the fire were rising into the sky like a huge tornado of little lights. On the way back to heaven, a gentle rain washed off all the dust and dirt from the angels who had flown down to earth to help. To most of the angels it just looked like rain, but Gabe hugged Mikey and whispered to him, "These are God's tears."


From "And God Cried Too: A Kid's Book of Healing and Hope" by Marc Gellman. Copyright © 2002. Available from HarperCollins Publishers

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Baby Boy is One Years Old!!!

This is a picture that was taken about 2 weeks before Kobe was born and unfortunatly this is one of the last ones.  We moved the day after this picture was taken and it was so crazy busy here that I forgot to take a last belly picture before I had Kobe.  
This picture was taken of Kobe when he was brought to me for the first time in my room.  He was about 3.5 hours old and had just come out of the special care nursery.  He was so wide awake looking at his Mamma.  I was so amazed by all of his hair (seen in the pic below) and how big and dark brown his eyes were.  I fell in love with him the minute he was born and I feel so blessed to have such a wonderul baby boy.
This picture was taken of Kobe the day after he was born September 7, 2007.  This was taken when Tyrique, Markus and Jalen were there visiting for the first time.  Look at how cute he is.
I took this picture on Friday September 5th of Kobe, this is his last picture being 11 months old.  I wanted to take a picture of him before he went to bed as my little baby still.  He was showing me he is "SO BIG"  Cutie Pie!!!

Here is a Picture of the Birthday Boy opening his present from his Aunt Sharla.  He had just woken up and was really excited when we sang Happy Birthday to him.

Now on to the birth story....
So at 5:30 am on September 6, 2007 I woke up with contractions and a horrible back ache.  I got out of bed and got into the bath tub which by now I was taking 5-6 baths a day because my back was always hurting soooo bad (found out when Kobe was three months old that was due to kidney stones).  I layed in the bath tub for hours.  I had Dewayne wake the boys up for school and called them into the bathroom and told them to take the bus home with my friend Michele's children.  I explained to the that I was going to have Kobe that day and they were going to stay with Michele as we had discussed before.  The boys left for school and that is when I told Dewayne that I was going into labor and he needed to call work to let them know he was not coming in that day.  So Dewayne called work and I got out of the bath tub and made sure all the bags were packed and ready to go.  While I was getting Jalen ready Dewayne went and took a shower and got ready.  I don't think he realized that it was actually happening though because I had to rush him and let him know it was time to go to the hospital.  

We dropped Jalen off at Michele's house and her husband Oron took Jalen for the day for us since Michele was in school.  Then off we went to the hospital.  As we were coming to Portsmouth we got stuck in some serious traffic and we could not get into the proper lane because no one would let us in so Dewayne scootched his way in to my horror (I thought we would end up in an accident).   We got to the hospital about 10:30 am and checked in at the desk to Labor and Delivery only to find out that there was a HUGE wait to be seen, it seemed like everyone in Virginia decided to have their babies that day!!!  
So the wait began.....
We sat in the waiting room for hours waiting to be seen, we talked to all kinds of people waiting for their babies arrivals too.  The funny thing was that most of the pregnant women were having boys as well, I think only one or two were having girls.  My contractions kept coming but they were not too strong but my back felt like it was going to explode!!!  At about 3:30 pm I was finally seen and the doctor said I was about 50% effaced and 2 cm dialated.  He wanted to send me home but he was just a resident so he had to have the head doctor come in and make the final call.  When that doctor came in he checked me also and told me that he wanted me to walk the halls for two hours and let him check me again because he could not admit me and do a c-section if I was not progressing.  
So the walking began....
Dewayne and I went to the cafetaria which is all the way on the other side of the hospital and two floors down so he could have something to eat.  I had not eaten anything all day and the nurse told me not to eat anything but I was allowed to have a smoothie so long as there was no dairy in it.  I had about 1/4 of the smoothie and then Dewayne drank the rest and we kept walking.  We walked the halls and then I wanted to walk up and down the stairs because I knew that had worked when I was having Tyrique.  So up and down I walked for probably about an hour.  I was so tired by then that we decided to go back to Labor and Delivery and see if they would check me.  When we got to Labor and Delivery there were even more people waiting to be seen so I had to wait another hour before they would check me to see if I was dialated any more.
When I went to the room to see if I had dialated anymore the nurses put me in an actual Labor and Delivery room and then they left me ther for awhile longer.  About 7:30 pm the doctor came in and checked me and said that I was at 3 cm dialated and 70% effaced so she (it was a different doctor from the first time) asked me where I lived because she wanted to send me home and have me come back the next morning for a c-section.  I told her what the other doctor had said about me progressing and I also told her that we live atleast an hour away.  She told me to hold on a sec she wanted to check with the head doctor and see what he said before making a decision.  
Well while waiting I decided that I better call my Mamma and tell her I was going to be having Kobe soon and I did not get an answer.  So I texted Birgitta and she called me right back and I told her the news and asked her to please call Mamma and tell her.  Well Mamma called me back and said she had forgotten her phone in the car.  Well as I was talking to Mamma the nurses came in to put the IV into my arm.  I got off the phone with Mamma and I swear everything happened so fast after that.  The nurses got the IV into my arm and I went to pee really quickly and then when I came back from the bathroom the doctor was waiting for me and told me I was going in to have my c-section.  I was rolled into the operating room so fast that we forgot to take a picture of my belly.  While I went into the operating room Dewayne put on his scrubs and waited to be called back. 
Well the ride into the operating room was scary....I didn't really know what to expect and I was so nervous.  I got a spinal tap and then the nurses prepped me (put in the cathater and shaved me).  They put up the sheet between me and my belly and the doctors came into the operating room.  Dewayne came into the room and sat at my left side by my head.  He was so good rubbing my head trying to make me less afraid.  The doctors started cutting my belly and I remember smelling a burning smell and it made me really nauceaus and the anasteseologist put an alcohol wipe on my nose and it worked like a charm.  
I remember them pulling and tugging on my belly and then they pulled his head out and I felt my stomach empty when they pulled his body out, Kobe was born at 10:15 pm.  Then Dewayne started saying "Oh my God, Oh my God" and I thought something was wrong and when I asked him he said "Wow Helga you should see all the hair this baby has!!!"  Kobe was placed under the warmer and they cleaned him out and suctioned out his lungs and Daddy stood there with him.  They then dressed Kobe and Dewayne brought him to me so I could see my baby for the first time.  Wow he was so beautiful and perfect weighing in at 9 lbs 1 oz and he was 22 inches long.  He was ,u smallest baby and he had the most amount of hair by far.  Kobe was then taken to the special care nursery because they had to clear his lungs out.  I was stapled shut and taken to the recovery room, all in all the surgery took less than an hour because I was wheeled out of the OR at 10:45 pm.  I sat in the recovery room waiting patiently for them to take me to my room so I could see Kobe and Dewayne.  Finally  at about 12:30 they took me to my room and there was no one in the room.  I was taken to a different room than the one I had been in earlier that night so I didn't have any of my stuff including my phone so I could not call Dewayne to find out where he was.  I layed there waiting for something to happen and at about 1 am Dewayne came into the room and told me that he had been in the other room waiting for me to come back and had just found out that I was in this new room.  
Kobe was brought in to me at about 2 am, maybe a little sooner but not much.  As soon as I got Kobe in my arms I undressed him completely and placed him on my chest so I could have some bonding time with him.  Then I breastfed him and took lots of pictures of him.  After I was done ooohhhing and aaahhhing over my beautiful baby that I created I had Dewayne put him back in his bed and I went to sleep.  
Kobe was born on a Thursday night and we came home from the hospital on Sunday afternoon.  He has been a joy since the minute he was born, always so happy and sleeping through the night by the time he was 6 weeks old.  I could not have asked for a better baby.  He just keeps melting my heart in one way or another.

What Hurricane???

So Hurricane Hanna is now Tropical Storm Hanna and she is on her way to Maryland and Delaware.  She did not hit hard here, as a matter of fact she barely hit here at all.  It rained here but not very hard and it was a little windy.  I was waiting for something horrible to happen but nothing happened at all.  Dewayne has been in the barracks on base since yesterday afternoon and he still does not know when he will get to come home.  Hopefully it will be soon though.  So now that there is no storm coming this way I am gonna go shopping :0)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Hurricane Hanna

Today Hurricane Hanna is coming up the coast line heading straight towards Virginia.  By the time it gets here though it is supposed to be a tropical storm so it will be so much less than what we first thought it would be.  Dewayne is Navy Security so he was restricted to the base and he is not allowed to leave until everything is over because he will be on call.  He is sitting in some barracks room (that we had to pay for and we live 5 min from the base) playing X-BOX 360 and relaxing on his mini vacation while I am sitting here with the kids.  I know that this is all part of being in the military but damn it sucks to be here all alone.  I was really scared of the storm but now I am just worried that it will flood here.  I am also kinda worried that we will loose electricity.  We took everything out of the back yard except the trampoline which is secured to the fence and we put the garbage can underneath the trampoline.  The grill is still outside because I don't really know what to do with it (I have no where to put it).  If the weather gets really bad then I will take the grill inside the house, I am just kind of afraid of the propane tank on there.  The boys and I are just going to have a relaxing night at home and maybe I will try to scrapbook since I am here all alone.  I will let you all know how everything goes as soon as I can.  Have a great weekend everyone and be safe.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of school

   Yesterday was the first day of school for Tyrique and Markus.  Tyrique is now in the 6th grade which is middle school and Markus is in 3rd grade.  I can not believe my babies are getting so big, before we know it they will be in High school and then college.  Both of the boys loved their schools and all their teachers.  Tyrique now has the school schedule where he has a different teacher for each class and Markus has one teacher for his classroom and then he has a special ed teacher that he goes to.  Markus goes to special ed because of his dyslexia and last year he spent atleast half the day in the special ed class room but this year he is only going for extra help maybe one time a day or so.  He is doing so well in school now that he doesn't need as much help as he did.  Tyrique is getting more help in school and I am very happy about that, he now goes to an ESL (English Second Language).  I fought for this the whole time  he was in elementary school but they always said he did not qualify but now that he is in a new school....tada he qualifies!!!  I have the boys reading each night before they go to bed to help strengthen their reading skills.  I finally found some books that they are into and they love to read before going to bed now.  Last night Markus even asked if he could stay up a few more minutes to finish his chapter he was on :0)

   Kobe has another ear infection I think.  He has been pulling at his ear and for the past two nights he has been waking up at night and not wanting to go back to sleep.  I mentioned in an earlier blog about where Kobe was not wanting to go to sleep at night and I could not figure out why, well it turned out that he had an ear infection.  He is now doing the same thing, I put him to sleep and within an hour he wakes up crying and I try everything in my power to put him back to sleep and finally end up with him down stairs.  He goes to sleep eventually and wants to sleep the day away after that.  I am trying to get Kobe an appointment to see the Dr today so he will feel better.  Also Kobe has an appointment on Thursday September 25th to see the ENT about getting tubes in his ears.  Poor baby he has had so many ear infections in such a short time.  By the way have I mentioned that my baby is going to be 1 on Saturday.....OMG I can not believe that he is growing up so fast!!!  

   Ok well Dewayne and I are doing good, he is just playing football like always.  He only has 3 games left so the season is almost over...Thank goodness cause I am tired of not having my husband home.  I am doing good just working on a new challenge, to bike 100 miles by Halloween.  So far I am 6 miles into my 100, I just started on Sunday and I have gone out to ride twice.  I am riding 3 miles at a time now and hopefully I can get myself up to about 4 before long.  

   Well that is enough for now.  Have a great Wednesday everyone :0)