Friday, November 13, 2009

Wow what crazy weather!!!

The wind has been blowing up to 70 miles an hour and it is raining so hard that it looks like something straight out of the movies. Our parking lot was so flooded that we had to move our cars up on the sidewalk. When you look out my front door right now there is a truck staring right back at you but when you look beyond the truck it looks like the truck is coming out of the ocean. I tried to take pictures earlier when we were moving the cars but the pictures did not come out too well. I will go through them tomorrow and see if there are any good ones that I could post on here.

My big boys are mad at me for not letting them go outside to play in the water in the parking lot. I was just too scared to let them be in the water because if a car came around the corner they would not be able to stop....that is if the car could have seen them. Ok besides the fear of cars hitting them, I am really grossed out by the idea of the boys being in that water. You have no idea what kind of bacteria is in it!!! Eeww gross :o(

So off to sleep I go now. Now that the worst of it is over (according to the news). The weather is supposed to be like this through out the day tomorrow but not as bad as it was today. I sure hope everyone is safe and sound. I went to the store last night and there was a homeless man that we see around here all the time, he has a dog with him that he has had for years. Anyway the homeless man was sitting up against the wall in front of a Farm Fresh trying to stay dry, trying to make sure his dog and personal belongings stayed dry and did not blow away. My heart ached for him, it hurts so bad to see that someone is living outside in this weather. It's bad enough that the poor man is out there on a daily basis but this was just sad and heartbreaking to see. I really hope he found a shelter (I doubt it though because of his dog).

Now I am really going to go to sleep. Goodnight everyone. Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite :o)

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Laura said...

Wow, that's crazy. I hope some pictures turned out, I want to see. :)