Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Toot Your Horn Tuesday

It's time for Toot Your Horn Tuesday again and this time I have something really exciting to show you!!! But first let me tell you that after you read my Toots head over to A Silly Little Sparrow and read her and everyone else's Toots and then play along and Toot Your own Horn too :o)

This weekend I finally finished the dresser that I have been working on forever. I need to do a little bit of touch up on it but it is now in Kobe's room and looks great and really really blue! I must say that I was really worried when I started painting the dresser because it was such a blue color but now that I am done I love the blue color because it looks so good in Kobe's room. See for yourself...

Kobe's dinosaurs lasted all of 2 minutes on the dresser. Markus put them on there when I finished putting the drawers in and Kobe was so excited that he pulled them all off and started playing with them.

The rest of the pictures are of Kobe's room so you can see how cute it is.
Here are his Winnie the Pooh pics on the wall that he got from his cousin Diamond.

The car lamp from the movie cars. I don't know the name of that character, I have never seen the cars movie.

Kobe's bed. He loves his bed and his stuffed animals in there (I know you can't see them). The letters above his bed I made for him.

His diaper stacker and dragon stuffed animal hanger that used to be in Markus's room.

Here is the toy box and on the toy box are Kobe's favorite things, his dancing and singing Dora the Explorer and his little bear named Kobe that talks. His Granny got him the bear for his birthday and Kobe loves it to pieces, it tells jokes, stories and when you ask him what his name is he says Kobe.

What did I tell you, Kobe had those dinosaurs down in no time. He is loving the changes I made to his room. I took out a huge cabinet and changed his room around and of course refinished the dresser and added that to his room. The old dresser was really ugly and it was not meant to be in a child's room. Ugh I am so glad to be rid of it.

Here is one more picture of Kobe getting some more dinosaurs to play with.

I am so excited to be done with that dresser. It took a lot of work and a really long time because I had no place to do it. I had to refinish the dresser in my back yard and it rained quite a few times while I was doing this so I had to keep taking the dresser in the house and leaving it in the living room in the way. Now it is in it's place in Kobe's room and we are all loving it :o)

Now that you have read my Toots head over to A Silly Little Sparrows blog and play along!!!


Pennie Bixler said...

Great job! You are quite the decorator - keep up the good work! We've been in our house for 3 years now...we're remodeling our unfinished basement, which is a BIG project...all of our walls are white, though, because all of our focus is on the basement. Ugh! One day, we'll get EVERYTHING done! I'm jealous - your stuff looks great! :) Awesome job!

Its So Very Cheri said...

Great job--that's a great blue for a little boys room


Helga said...

Thanks Ladies. I am very glad the whole process is over and as scared as I was to paint the dresser that very BLUE color, I am now loving it! Everytime I walk into Kobe's room I have to smile :o)

Lisa Curcio said...

Where did you get that toy box? I have been trying to find a toy box like that for years and I can never seem to find it.

Great job!

Helga said...

Lisa, I bought the toy box at Toys R us last year for about $80. I was looking for a toy box forever too and had such a hard time finding one.