Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Working out

I looked up skinny woman on swagbucks and this is the image I got!!! That is going to be me by the time the skinny bitch challenge is over with (no that is not the name of the challenge, that is just going to be my appearance when the challenge is over...hehehehe). I just wanted to brag a little bit and Toot My Own Horn even though it is not Tuesday. You see on Monday and Tuesday I worked out for an hour on each day, then today there was no work out so my wonderful, skinny, perfect abbed (is that a word? no I didn't think so either) husband helped me work out for about 40 minutes today. My husband is in charge of PT (physical training) at work and he works out his whole command. He has been telling me that he will help me work out for a few weeks now and I always dismiss it. Today was different, I told him to bring it!! Bring it he did, he kicked my butt with the work out we did. Every time I went a little too fast or started getting lazy he would start his count all over again. That was enough for me to make sure I did this right. I loved it.

This morning when I woke up I was so sore that I didn't think I was going to be able to get out of bed, then when I did get out of bed it hurt so bad to walk that I thought I might just crumble to the floor. I was fine though after I did a few (ok I am lying A LOT) of stretches. Every time I sat down for more than 2 minutes today I had to be careful when I got back up because it hurt so bad to stand. My legs are on fire!!! This is all a good thing though and I know it!!! I already feel so good. I feel like a million bucks and for me this is only day 3.

Enough bragging and tooting, I am going to spend some time with all these cute guys that are coming home from school and work.

I forgot to mention one thing, while I am bragging I wanted to tell you all that I joined in a postcard giveaway on The Foster Family blog and just found out that I won!!! I am so excited, I have never won anything before :o) You all should go check out her blog, she has the cutest little twin daughters!

Have a great Hump day everyone!

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