Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Baby Boy is having his surgery tomorrow

Kobe is having the tubes put in his ears tomorrow.  We are going to his pre-op appointment in a few hours and then tomorrow is the big day.  I sure hope he feels better after having those tubes put in.  I'm so nervous about him having surgery but of course that is just normal and I know that.  I am just afraid of him being put to sleep, I was there every time Markus was put to sleep and even though it was scary to see it done I would rather be there with him rather than him just being wheeled away from me and taken to another room to put him to sleep.  

I have to tell you about what my big boy did on Sunday night...we went out to eat and were sitting at the table and Kobe was a little bit irritated and tired.  He had just spilled Tyriques soda all over himself and me and was fussing and wanted to leave.  All of a sudden he realized there was a TV in every corner and saw that there was football on TV.  He started yelling DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA and was pointing at the TV like crazy.  Then out of the blue he said foo baaal (football), my son is a genius, that or he has been exposed to way too much football in his 14 months of life?!?!  It was the cutest thing ever and now he is always saying football.  Last night I was upstairs and Kobe was in his brothers rooms and then he came into my room happy as could be holding out his brothers football and yelled to me foo baaal.  He threw the ball and went and got it and handed it to me.  He loves sports just like Tyrique did at this age and of course he loves balls of any kind.  

Ok well I need to get ready for the drs appointment.  Have a great day!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas shopping

Last night Dewayne and I took the boys to Wal-Mart to get a few things we needed and we bought the BIG Christmas present while we were there.  The boys were made go to the toy section while Dewayne and I went and bought the present and took it to the car quickly before the boys could see.  I am so excited that I have bought the big present already so now it is just the small stuff left for them and then I am done :0)  I have already started buying presents and I am hoping to be done in the next few weeks.  I don't want to be last minute this year, it is too stressful and hectic.  It's funny because I am so peaceful when it comes to shopping this year.  I have told the boys that I am not going to go nuts with the shopping and I am only buying them one good present each and the rest will come from other family members and they were fine with it.  Every year I go nuts and buy them all kinds of crap that ends up not being played with or in the back of the closet.  Not this year!!!  
My daycare kids are all going to receive a hand knitted hat from me and if I have time I am going to make them gloves too.  I have already made one hat and last night I bought the yarn to make the girl's hats.  I made Kobe one as well so as of right now I have made two hats and they only took me about a day and a half each!  Cool huh?  I am actually really excited about knitting, I am doing it all alone and I am actually able to do it.  Of course I got help from my Mamma in regards to size and the amount of stitches to do.  But the patterns are my own and I am super excited about it.  

Ok well I am going to start my Monday, I only have two kids today so this should be a nice relaxing day :0)  It's about time I get a day like this.  Have a great day :0)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President Obama

We now know who the next President of the United States will be....President Barack Obama!!!  I knew that he would win, I felt it in my gut.  I think he will do a great job and I can not wait until he gets in office so we can start to see the changes.  

Would you believe that I fell asleep last night at 9pm?!?!?  I was trying to get Kobe to go to sleep and he couldn't sleep (excitement I so I laid down in my bed and decided to see if he would fall asleep with me in the room.  Well I think I was out before he was!  I got up at 6 am yesterday so by 9 pm I had been  awake for 15 hours, I guess that was my max for the day.  I did wake up at 11 pm to Dewayne telling me that Obama had won, I got really excited and turned the TV on.  I fell right back to sleep after that and woke up again at 1 am and was awake until sometime after 3 am.  I am going to sleep early tonight.  I am gonna record all my shows and watch them tomorrow.  I can not wait to crawl into bed, it is raining and dark and I want to read a good book and be asleep by 9 pm.  Since the clocks were turned back an hour I am so tired by about 3 pm that I just want to go lay down in the bed but I still have hours before that can happen.

On another note, I will probably have a black eye tomorrow morning when I get up!  Kobe threw a hard plastic ball at my face and it hit me right on the cheek bone under the eye on my right side.  It is all red and swollen now and I am hoping and praying that it does not bruise up....that would be ugly!!  So yeah I have nothing else exciting to talk about so I am gonna go now and count down the hours until I can go to sleep.

Good night :0)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election day

Tonight we will hopefully find out who the next President if the USA will be.  I personally am hoping it will be Obama because I think McCain is just another Bush and we have had two Bush's already and don't need another one.  I am really excited to find out who wins the election.  I can not believe that people do not vote, it is funny too because the people who say they are not voting are the ones who are complaining about the war and the economy and most of all GAS prices.  Well if you do not vote, you have no say!!!!

I have been in a cleaning mood the last two days.  I scrubbed the house down yesterday and mopped the walls in the kitchen and today I want to finish mopping the walls in the living room and hallway.  I got some paint yesterday so I can do some touch up painting on the walls.  I am so excited about Christmas and I think that is the reason why I am so excited to clean the house.  I am doing my last load of laundry right now and then I just have to put the laundry away after the babies wake up.  

I am going to go get my nails done when the last child leaves for the day.  I broke one of my nails last night when I was cleaning and it is driving me insane and hurting me too.  

Ok well that is enough for now, the dryer just went off so I am going to fold the clothes.  Have a great Tuesday and hopefully next time I write a blog Obama will be the new President :0)