Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

This picture was taken in Iceland when we were packing up getting ready to leave.  Had to make sure to pack up my baby :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Is there anyone out there....hello (echo)

After a LONG break, I am finally back!!!

I am now living in North Carolina and am finishing up my first semester of college.  The last two and a half months have been crazy, hectic, exciting and filled with fun!  I started by getting to the states on May 10th and the boys and I slept in a hotel in NYC.  On the 11th we flew into Norfolk, VA and a good friend came to get us.  We stayed with a friend of mine for less than two weeks before we moved into our own home.  I got a car a week after getting here and then my household goods arrived a few days after we moved into our apartment.  I rented a three bedroom townhouse in a quiet area about 10 minutes from my school.  I really like the place and will have to take some pictures to show you guys.  The boys really like our home and so do I :)  

School was a struggle at first, it was really hard to get back into the grove of things.  I am doing really good though and have met lots of new people and made a few really good friends.  One of those friends that I made is with a girl named Deb, she is my life saver and I have no idea what I would do if I had not met her.  Deb and I have so much in common and we really clicked right from the start.  She has 2 children that are close to Kobe's age and they get along great.  I love having friends with children the same ages as my boys, that just makes the friendship that much easier.  All of the friends that I have made here have children around the boy's age which has turned out to be a real life saver for all of us.

Here is a link to Debs blog, go check her out and show her some bloggy love :)  

Kobe left to spend 5 weeks with Dewayne in the beginning of June.  That was really hard for me due to Kobe never having left me before.  He is back though and doing great :)  Tyrique and Markus went to Florida for 6 weeks to spend some time with their Grandmother and just came back home on Thursday.  They had fun but are so glad to be back home with their Mamma :)

We have added a new member to our family, her name is Molly and she is a Silky Terrier.  She just turned 4 months old and is the cutest little thing in the world.  

 Here is Molly sleeping in her Mamma's bed
 Tyrique holding Molly the day we got her.
Markus with our newest member

Kobe was gone when we got her so I didn't get a picture of him with her on day one but we will have plenty of pictures of the two of them....this much I know since they are best friends :)

I have two days left of my semester and then I get three whole weeks of summer vacation.  I am so excited to get some time with the boys to go swimming, to the beach and we are thinking of doing a family trip to Busch Gardens, Water Country and Jamestown.  I want to make a few days of it and get a hotel room and have some fun with my boys.

I have been reading your blogs but have sucked at commenting....sorry :(  I don't have much time and I try to squeeze a few minutes in per day to read your blogs.  I will get more organized and start commenting one fine day hehe.

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer!!