Thursday, November 5, 2009

What we did today...

This morning Kobe and I went to the community center and did a Thanksgiving craft. Of course I forgot to bring my camera and I am so mad at myself for that. Kobe was so cute painting his craft and then leaning over to help me with mine. Oh well I will remember to bring the camera next time, that is for sure. After the Mommy and Me time I worked out (that makes it my 4th time this week for a total of 3 hours and 45 minutes) and then we came home and Kobe crashed.

After Kobe woke up from his nap I took a few pictures of Kobe, Maya and my project that I was doing while Kobe was sleeping.

Here is Kobe staring at the TV.
Little man being silly after I took the first picture.

Here is my little Princess Maya in her winter coat. Isn't she the cutest dog ever?

Here is the craft project I was working on today, Christmas cards. They are not done, this is only a small part of the cards. I wanted to get this done today so I can take it with me to the community center in the morning so I can finish these ones. I have a whole bunch more to do and I will show them to you all when I am done.

So yeah, that's what we did today. Nothing exciting...sometimes that is a good thing :o) Did you do something exciting today? Tell me all about it :o)

Have a great Thursday!


Pennie Bixler said...

Today I met with my Thursday girls girlfriends, did some grocery shopping (as blogged about on my blog)and made carmel corn for a bake sale my women's group is putting on this weekend. Tomorrow, I'm making some pecan pies for the bake sale, and maybe some apple something - my friend Melissa brought over apples from her apple tree. (Oh yeah, I made an apple crisp today for my family.We had warm apple crisp with ice cream...yummy!)I did not get to the gym today. Tomorrow I have got to do that. REally.

Helga said...

Wow my mouth is watering reading about all of the yummy things you are making for the bake sale. You Rock!! Good luck at the bake sale and have fun!

Its So Very Cheri said...

yesterday--Did homeschool, fixed dinner...have a ton on my to do list for today though