Monday, August 30, 2010

Getting to know YOU

So I was looking at the questions for Getting to know YOU and I really wanted to play along.  If you want to play along a day late too just click on right here and have fun.  

1. If you accidentally knick a car in a parking lot..Do you leave a note or do you get the heck out of there?

Dewayne backed into a car a few years ago and I am telling you I SO wanted to drive away but the good person in me that my Mamma raised right reported it to the driver.  

Now it is a whole nother story if it is a knick from my door or the kid's door....sorry for yah!!!  No one has ever reported it to me when they have banged into my door with theirs and I am not gonna be any better than them...(hides her face in shame because she knows better than this but refuses to have to pay for damaging someones door when no one pays her).

2. Love your body or plastic surgery?

We go through this question quite a bit on these blog hops.....I want plastic surgery but in order to have the plastic surgery I need to have the money :o)  I need to win the lottery....bad!!!

3. What about your favorite blog(s) continues to drive you back?

This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately.  There are a lot of blogs that I read every day and the one thing that brings me back is when someone is being themselves.  I love to see pictures, read funny stories about your children, pets and spouses, I like to read about new craft projects and see what you have been cooking up in the kitchen.  One thing I hate is when a blog owner starts to get really popular and her whole blog changes.  The things I loved reading are no longer being written and it seems that the only things being written are things to try to keep an audience.

I don't like fake blogs or fake people!!!

4. What percent of your blog is BS just to make your life seem more interesting than it really is?

Do we need to go back to question 3???  My blog is 100% true, I might not write the bad and the ugly but that is just because I don't want to bore you or scare you away LOL.  I can say one thing that I try not to do on this blog that I am really bad at in real life....cursing!!  I have a bad mouth, not all the time bad but it can be pretty bad....yeah ok, it's bad!!!  I know when to not say bad words but I do say them quite a bit.

5. If you had to give up one type of meat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

FISH!!!  I have had enough fish for 5 peoples lifetime!!!  My Dad was a fisherman so fish was something that we ate for FREE....are you starting to get where this is going?  We ate fish ALL the time!!!

6. How often to you eat out?

Way too often.  Lately I have been eating a lot of junk because I am too busy redoing my apartment to cook.  Heck, I am too busy to eat, sleep or do anything else for that matter.  It will be worth it in the end though!

7. Skinny jeans or boot cut jeans?

Both but mostly boot cut jeans!!!

8. If you caught your spouse cheating would you forgive, divorce, or plan your kill?

It's hard to answer this question unless you have been or are in this situation.  I can honestly say that I can not forgive or forget something so horrifying!!!  I think I would go Loraina Bobbitt on the man!!!

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Miss me??  I have been missing you guys all like crazy!!!  I have been so busy the last week that I haven't had a chance to blog.  I have a few minutes now so I am going to try to get as much said as possible.  It has been well over an hour since I wrote those first two sentences...let's try this again.  So in the last week I have been working my butt off both at work and at home.  As of last night the tiling in my bathroom is done except the floors (I am having the walls tiled as well as the floors) and I have the ceilings painted in Tyrique's room, living room and my bedroom.  I noticed last night though that I am going to need to paint one more coat on the ceiling in my room.  I have Tyrique's room and the living room painted and just need to do some touch ups in the corners and up top.  If everything goes according to plan we will be finished with the bathroom by the end of the week and we will be putting down hardwood floors this weekend!!!  I am so excited, that means I can move home in the next two weeks!!!  I love my sister and brother in law but I miss having my own space and the boys miss it too.  

Next up.  Tomorrow is my last day of working here.  I was only hired for the summer and the summer is over....can you believe it??  It went by so fast!!!  Well I was going to go to school but I need to put it off for a little bit (that is something I will explain another day) so I need a job for the winter.  Well, I e-mailed a guy on Wednesday night about a job opening and Friday he called me in for a job interview.  An hour after leaving his office he called me and offered me the job.  I will have the same hours as I have now but I start half an hour later and get off half an hour later so I will be working 6 am to 6 pm.  I get to keep the same shift as I have now and the pay stays pretty much the same.  I am so relieved to have found something.  My Mamma and brother in law are going to take turns having Kobe for me when I work so I don't have to worry about daycare right now.  Thank goodness for family!!!

Now, I think that is about it for now.  I am going to try to read some of your blogs today.  I hope you are all doing great!!!  Miss you and can't wait to catch up on all of your blogs!  Have a great Monday!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Getting to know YOU

I am at work and it has been a crazy day so far.  I have a horrible cold and am struggling to make it through the day but I have the next two days off so I can get over this then.  Kobe is feeling much better now but he is still a Mamma's boy.

Getting to know YOU is a blog hop created by Keely over at Mann Land 5.  If you would like to play along just press HERE and have a blast!!!

1. If you could host a Reality TV show, which one would it be?

I don't watch Reality TV shows other than Biggest Loser so I guess I would want to host and participate in The Biggest Loser.  Maybe they will do a season on Biggest Loser where they have a guest host who participates LOL.

2. Do you put your seatbelt on before or after you start the car?

Before and After.  It depends on how much of a hurry I am in.  I am usually putting the seat belt on as I put the car in gear.

3. Shave or hair removal cream?

Shave.  I had a bad experience with hair removal cream before....I put it on my legs and it burned my skin.  I haven't used cream since.

4. What's your favorite feature in a house?

A great KITCHEN!!!  I have never had a dream kitchen and one day when I buy a house I am going to be really picky about the kitchen.

5. What is your favorite "Fall" scent?

Pumpkin Pie....I love the smell and taste :o)

6. What tv show are you looking forward to seeing the most this Fall??

I am going to change this questions to "shows"

Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice
Law and Order SVU

I know I am forgetting something but these are my favorites!!

7. Personal Shopper or Personal Chef?

Personal CHEF!!!  I wish someone would come cook for me :o)  I can do the shopping on my own LOL!!!

8. What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of "Fall"?

The pretty colors of the trees!!!  I love Fall :o)

That's it for me for this edition of Getting to know You.  Stay tuned next week for the next episode....we are without commercial interruptions :o)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Five Question Saturday

So it is Saturday not Friday and I am doing 5QF.  I was home from work yesterday with a sick little baby who was miserable.  Kobe has a cold and sore throat and has been feeling icky since Wednesday.  He had a fever yesterday when I got up to go to work so I decided to stay home with him.  He was a Mamma's boy the whole day and demanded to be held at all times.  I spent the day cleaning house and holding him and a few times I cleaned while holding him.  By the afternoon he was feeling better though and has been fever free since (he was fever free when I left for work).  My son was kind enough to pass me along his cold and sore throat and this morning when I woke up I felt like my throat was on fire.  It hurt to swallow and it hurt to talk.  I got my butt out of bed though and put on make up (which looks awesome today by the way) and went to work.  I am now here counting the hours till I can go home and lay in bed.  I feel like booty...poor Kobe now I know how he felt.

Now let me get to these questions that I didn't get to yesterday.  Like always if you want to play along to Five Question Friday just press the button above and check out Mama M over at My Little Life.

1. Do you have any nicknames and if so how did it come about?

The only nicknames I have is Mamma, Mommy, Mom or Ma.  I got this nickname over 13 years ago when I had my first child :o)

2. What is your birth order amongst your siblings?

I am the oldest of 4 girls.

3. In a movie of your life, who would play your significant other?

Taye Diggs....he is so HOT!!!

4. What is currently your favorite song?

Love the way you Lie by Eminem featuring Rhianna.

5. Are you saving your money for anything right now? Big or small purchase?

All my extra money right now is going towards my apartment and the renovation being done on it.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just Thursday

This week has been so crazy busy that I haven't had time to blog or do anything else for that matter.  I was working on Monday and Tuesday and it was so crazy busy at work that I am still getting over it (I am really sore from running around like a chicken without my head and bending every different way inspecting cars).  Then the last two days while I was off from work I have been busy working on my apartment.  We got a lot accomplished in the last two days and I can finally picture the end results.  I took some pictures to show you guys but I am too tired to get my camera and load the pictures on my computer and then wait for them to load on the blog.  I will have to wait till another day to show you the pictures.

Now I am going to participate in my weekly Just Thursday blog hop.  Join us in the fun by visiting Abby over at Murdock's Mama.

Outside my window.. it is dark and the neighborhood is nice and quiet.

The time is.. 11:04 PM

Today I feel.. tired.  I have been going non-stop for the last week and I am really looking forward to a break.

I am thinking.. about all the different things I want to do with my apartment when it is I want to decorate and what colors I should decorate with.

At the moment, I am thankful.. I have so much to be thankful for and so many people I am blessed to have in my life.  I don't know where I would be right now without everyone...that includes you blog buddies as well!!!

I am going.. to sleep as soon as I push publish post!

I am wearing.. black yoga pants and a black t-shirt.

I wish.. my apartment was finished so I could move back home...

I am reading.. nothing....I know I'm lame, I will start reading again one of these days!!

I am working on.. the apartment!

I am hoping.. I can move back home by the end of the month.

I am hearing.. my sister, brother in law and Markus talking in the living room.

I bet you didn't know.. I finally got the boys' school shopping done today!!!  We made it into a family Mamma, Step-Dad, all my sisters and step-sisters, niece, nephew and my boys all went shopping together.  It was crazy and it was crazy expensive!!!

One of my favorite.. songs right now is Love the way you lie by Eminem and Rhianna.

My weekend plans include.. working my a$$ off LOL.  From what I hear Sunday is gonna be super crazy!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Is it Sunday already???  This weekend went by waaaaay too fast!!!  The weekends always seem to go by too fast when I am off.  On Friday night my sister, cousin and I had a girls night.  We got all dressed up with cute make-up on and had some drinks and girly conversation.  We were gonna go out and do some bar hopping but you know what???  We had so much fun on our own that we ended up staying in!!

Now being that it is Sunday I am playing along to Getting to know YOU.  Keely over at Mann Land 5 is the creative genius behind this blog hop.  If you want to play along just click on the button above and have fun,.

1. What kind of athlete has the hottest body?

I am gonna go with football player, no maybe basketball player, no maybe soccer player, no maybe swimmer, no maybe all of them :o)  

2. Are you a planner or a procrastinator?

I am a planner!!  

3. Diet or regular (soda)?

Regular soda!!!  Diet is not good for you!!

4. What's your one "must have" for Fall?

Jackets for the kids!  I don't have any must have for myself right now.

5. What's your favorite fast food restaurant?

In the states it is Chick Fil-A.  Here in Iceland it is a place called Olsen that place!!!

6. What do you think is the sexiest profession for a guy?

I don't know???  I never really thought of it that way.  I do have to say that I like a man in uniform!!! 

7. Did you wear braces?

Nope, never had the need to wear braces.  I don't have perfect teeth but I think teeth with flaws give you character!! 

8. Would you rather have a guy that's super sexy or kind?

KIND!!!  Sexy men can be really ugly if they have a nasty attitude!!  All that glitters isn't gold!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Five Question Friday

It is Friday and I am off of work and loving it!!!  I was exhausted after the last two days and I am telling you I could not wait to be off!!  Now for today I am going to relax, maybe bake a little bit, knit and watch some movies!!  Doesn't that sound good!?!?!

I just realized as I was about to post this that it is Friday the 13th!!  What do you all have planned for the weekend??  Does Friday the 13th creep you out???

Now being that it is Friday I have 5 Question Friday which is a great blog hop hosted by Mama M over at My Little Life.  Click on the button above to play along.

1. Have you ever visited another country?

Um...NO!!!  LOL

Yeah, I have been to lots of different countries...

Faeroe Islands
Saudi Arabia

2. Where is the strangest place you have ever been?

Um...I dunno!!!  How about half the countries above....not many people go to those countries!!

3. What is your favorite season?

Fall!!!  I love the colors, the cooler temperatures and getting back into a routine with the boys when school starts again :o)

4. What one song will always cheer you up?

Yeah by Usher

I love that song!!!

5. What Disney character do you resemble most?

Humm...let's see

I gotta say I don't really think I look like a cartoon but if I had to choose I would say Cinderella just because she has blonde hair and blue eyes (I can't think of any other Disney Princess that has blonde hair and blue eyes LOL).

Okay that is it for me!!  Link up and have fun playing along to Five Question Friday!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just Thursday

I have really sucked at blogging lately and I apologize for that.  It has been so busy at work lately that I have not gotten the chance to blog and then when I am off I am all over the place and not really getting the chance to blog then either.  Hopefully that will all change next month.  

My apartment is finally being worked on full time.  It has been sitting empty for over a month and has basically been on the back burner and now my Dad and my Brother in Law are working hard to try to get something accomplished there.  On the walls the holes have been filled, walls are being smoothed (sanded down so they are smooth) and the bathroom has been ripped to pieces with a huge crack in the center and all pipes missing.  All you see in my house is concrete....everywhere you look there is bare ugly concrete!!  I need to get over there to take some pictures so I can show you all on here.  

I have to tell you though....I can't wait till the work on my apartment is all done and I can move back home!!!  I am tired of not having my own room, my own privacy and my own routines!!!  I miss living alone with my boys!!!  Not that living with my sister is a bad is just a lot little bit cramped!! 

Okay so now on to the show, Abby over at Murdock's Mama has a great blog hop called Just Thursday that as you loyal readers know I participate in every Thursday.  If you want to be cool like me then you should do it too!!  Just click right HERE to play along.  Let me know you did so I can read your Just Thursday post :o)

Outside my window.. It is raining really hard and the sky's are gray!

The time is.. 6:49 AM

Today I feel.. energetic!!

I am thinking.. about the fact that today is my Friday :o)

At the moment, I am thankful.. I have 3 healthy, happy sons!!

I am going.. to get back to work as soon as I finish this really I am!!  I will not go on facebook and I will not read other blogs....okay, maybe I will :o)

I am wearing.. my work clothes..gray pants, white dress shirt and gray vest.

I wish.. I was a millionaire!!

I am reading.. blogs and facebook!

I am working on.. catching up on True Blood.  I am on episode 3 of the 3rd season.  I really LOVE that show!  

I am hoping.. the weekend goes by fast!  The weekend drags by since I am off!  Do you like that answer better Abby?  LOL

I am hearing.. some sort of blues music in the airport.  This is not the norm but I am enjoying it while it lasts.

Around the house.. not a creature is stirring...not even a mouse (the dog would have scared the mouse to death wanting to play with her).

I bet you didn't know.. I am knitting Monster Pants!!

One of my favorite.. candies in Iceland is called Tromp.  It is a mixture of Milk chocolate, black licorice and marzipan (I dunno if that is what you say in English).

My weekend plans include.preparing for school.  The boys start school on August 23rd and I need to start getting them ready.  I have already started waking them up earlier in the mornings and making them go to bed earlier.  Now I have to get their school supplies!!!