Friday, November 20, 2009


Tomorrow I have an old friend, her daughter and grandchild coming to visit. I have not seen my friend Millie in 4 years?? Maybe more, maybe less but I am really excited to see her and her family. Millie contacted me on Monday to let me know she was coming to town tomorrow and staying one night before heading back home. I of course offered them to stay with me, why pay for a hotel when you can stay at Hotel a la Helga??? Ok it may not be as nice as the Hilton but's free!!!

So knowing they are coming to town I have been cleaning house today, cleaning my carpets, the room they are sleeping in, the bathrooms, mopping every floor, the list goes on and on. While doing all of this cleaning I have been battling a major headache all day long!!! My head feels like it is going to explode any second, I took some meds earlier today and took a short nap to see if that would work but no luck. I woke up with a BOOM BOOM in my head. Off to Sam's Club and the Commissary I went to go grocery shopping for the necessities and now I am home. I am going to crawl into the bed after I finish writing this and close my eyes and ears to the world until tomorrow morning.

Have a great night everyone and see you tomorrow for Five Question Friday!!!

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