Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Toot Your Horn Tuesday

Hi Ho yippy yeah and yippy yeah it's Tuesday and time for Toot Your Horn Tuesday!!! Toot Your Horn Tuesday is a fun way to Toot our Horn/pat ourselves on the back when no one else has done it or even if everyone in real life has Tooted our Horn or patted us on our back we can still get a little bit of attention through our blog world :o) Now Toot Your Horn Tuesday is a blog carnival created by A Silly Little Sparrow and when you are done reading my Toots click on the button above or click on A Silly Little Sparrow and read her Toots and join in the fun!!!

Last night as these two were doing this...

(playing XBOX)

I was busting my butt in the kitchen making dinner and cleaning my kitchen from top to bottom. Then after all my boys went upstairs to bed to read or go to sleep I spent the rest of my evening cleaning carpets, mopping my floors and making my downstairs spotless. I cleaned this downstairs so well that when I woke up this morning I came down with a huge grin on my face knowing that I had nothing major to do today. Well I do have laundry to do, but what else is new and who doesn't have laundry???

So as I was going to get my camera out of the kitchen to upload the pictures for the blog today, I decided to take a picture of Kobe. Well Kobe was not having it, he wanted to see the pictures that were on the camera already and started throwing a hissy fit when I said no. This is what his hissy fit looks like in pictures :o)
The start of the hissy fit!!!

Kicking his legs because he is not getting his way!

Arching his back and pretending to cry!!

Obviously he did not get the camera but when he calmed down I did show him his own picture throwing a hissy fit on the computer. He was really excited to see himself :o)

So that's it for this edition of Toot Your Horn Tuesday. Again if you want to play along or if you just want to lurk and read everyone else's Toots, click on A Silly Little Sparrow and have a great time! Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!!!

Please keep praying for Baby Stellan as he is not out of the woods yet. His surgery went wonderfully yesterday but he is still having a few issues that are causing him trouble. For all the latest updates please head over to MckMama's blog and read more.

Prayers for Stellan

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