Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas....Gleðileg Jól

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.  Ours is going great so far, we will probably be playing Wii for the next year :0)

I will write later and tell you all what we got for Christmas.  Right now I have to go put a sleepy little boy to bed.  

Merry Christmas 

Gleðileg Jól

From The Sutton Family

Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Spirit

I am in so much of a Christmas mood today...I have been looking up Christmas cookie recipes for the last hour (I would call my Mamma and get the recipes from her but she is not coming online or answering my text....I am so impatient and she should know that.  LOL).  I am sure I will talk to her soon but I just wanted to get the recipes because my wonderful friend Sigrún is going to let me borrow her Kitchen Aid mixer so I can bake :0)  The thing is I only have it for tonight and possible a little bit tomorrow, her Mamma is in town and they are going to make Christmas cookies themselves.  I am so excited to bake these damn cookies and I think it is funny cause I have not been in this much of a Christmas mood in a LONG time (meaning I have not been in this kind of Christmas mood for many Christmas´s in a row).  I just want my house to smell like Gingerbread cookies and have more of a Christmas feel to it.

Well I am waiting to get my CD of family pictures and then I am going to have my Christmas cards printed out so I can send them.  I was going to have some printed out and send them home to Iceland but I have found a great site that have Christmas cookie recipes and they make Christmas cards for 90kr a piece with pictures (that equals out to about 74 cents each) and I think that will be my cheapest way to go.  I am going to have either Mamma or Birgitta (my lil sister) get them and send them out for me.  This is the first Christmas ever that I will be sending out Christmas cards (humm maybe I am growing at almost 28 years old that is kinda late).  

I got a camera for Christmas from Dewayne, it is a Canon power shot SD1100 and guess what???  Do you give up?  The camera is PINK!!!!  I love it and I got a beautiful pink carrier for it!  I have been taking pics of the boys and I also took some video of Kobe talking and now I just need to figure out how send the video to my family in Iceland so they can see my little man.  I am so damn excited about everything!!!!  I am almost completely done with my Christmas shopping, basically I just have the last little bit and I need to send the presents to Iceland ASAP  so they get there in time.  

Ok well enough for now, I need to start writing my shopping list so I can go to the grocery store and then start baking Christmas cookies.  Oh and by the way....I have the outside of the house all decorated and I have my kitchen and hallway all decorated but I will not have a tree up until the weekend before Christmas cause I am not fighting 5 little babies trying to keep them away from the tree.  I still need to put the lights in the windows and I am hoping to do that this weekend.  Ok bye for now.