Monday, November 9, 2009


Well it is Sunday and I do not have too much to share about today. Our neighbors have been trying to get us to go to their church with them for the last two years and this morning we decided to go see how we like it. Well the people were really friendly and the service was good. The Pastor is away this week so his father was doing the sermon for him. I only heard half of it before Kobe was done listening and we had to go to the nursery for the rest of the time.

Church started at 11:30 AM and we got there at 11 AM not knowing that they had Sunday school going on until 11:15 AM, we walked right into the church and right into the middle of Sunday school. That was a little bit uncomfortable but we sat down and listened to the rest of Sunday school. When the service started our neighbor who is the head of the choir got up in front of the church and sang with the choir. They were really good, who knew the neighbor who is always singing to himself could actually sing that good??

The only thing that I did not like about the service was that it lasted too long. The service was not over until 2:30 PM and Kobe as exhausted and irritated by this point. Actually by 1 PM Kobe was miserable and he had to take a really late nap today. I don't mind being in church for a few hours but I do not like being there for that long :o)

I think that we will end up going back to that church again. The people were so nice and made a point of making us feel at home. I loved that :o)

Other than that we haven't done much today. I talked to my sister on the phone and then went to visit our other neighbors. Now I am going to get Kobe ready for bed and then I am going to watch some TV with my wonderful hubby. Tomorrow I have my appointment with the Orthopedic Surgeon to find out what is going on with my knee. I will not be able to go work out tomorrow at the community center so I am going to work out here at home either with Dewayne or on my Wii.

Have a great Sunday everyone!!!


Its So Very Cheri said...

Oh my that is really late for a church service. It reminds of of "back in the day" when the "colored" churches had a lunch break and then started back up again.

Thanks for your sweet comments. You are welcome to look around all you want, post about me to your readers, tell your friends to come meet me--I love meeting new people and really enjoying getting to know them.


Laura said...

WHat a great feeling to feel so "welcomed" in a sounds weird but it's not always that way. Hope the knee appointment goes well! :)