Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Toot Your Horn Tuesday and Hot and Healthy Thru the Holidays...combined!

This week I am going to combine two of my favorite blog carnivals due to lack of time.

First comes Toot Your Horn Tuesday, a blog carnival created by Leah at A Silly Little Sparrow. Toot Your Horn Tuesday is a great way to brag about an accomplishment or just get some pats on the back for cleaning your house. If you would like to play along just click on the button above or just click on A Silly Little Sparrow and it will take you directly to Leah's blog.

This week I would like to Toot My Horn for not loosing my mind! Yep, you read that right. I am so amazed that I have not lost my mind by now and I think that deserves a Toot or two.

Let me explain what I am talking about. I have talked on here before that we are due to pick orders (choose where we would like the military to send us next....that does not mean we are going there though). Well Dewayne went to pick orders and the only thing they have available right now is Manama, Bahrain. Dewayne would have to go to Bahrain for 2 years.....with out us!!! That means our family would be separated for 2 whole years and we know that our marriage would never survive that.

That leaves us with the choice to get out of the military!!! That is a really scary thing to me, we have been in the military our whole marriage and we have had the security of a steady paycheck all that time. Now I am afraid of what happens if he can not get a job? Where will we live? How does this affect our marriage? How are the boys going to deal with this? Did I mention where are we going to live???

All of these things have been on our/my mind for the last month and it is scary as hell to think of. I am so relieved that I have not lost my mind and been admitted to the nut house( no pun intended Lisa)!!!

Now on to Hot and Healthy Thru the Holidays!!! That is a blog carnival created by Mama M and Keely to try to get us to learn to eat right and work out. To make this a lifestyle and not another diet/failed workout plan. If you want to play along just click on Mama M's name or Keely's name and it will take you directly to their blogs.

Have you gotten into a good workout routine that you're able to stick to?

Um..yes and no!! I try to go to the community center here to work out four days a week but if I don't make it there I have a really hard time getting a work out in. I wasn't able to make it today but I have worked out for 20 minutes at home so far. I really need to find something that I like to do at home for the off days.

Did you try Keely's Pilates exercises...please say you did...please!?!

Yes I have tried Keely's Pilates exercises!!! I like the Pilates Hundred the best (I know I have said that before but it still holds true).

Did you get all your cardio in?

I did get about 200 minutes in this week.

Did you have any fast food...if so, did Mama M's awesome healthy tips post make you choose more carefully?

No I did not eat any fast food. I have been trying to stay away from fast food in the last few months and I did really good this last two weeks. I do try to watch my portion sizes and what I am eating now. Before I stuck it in my mouth and thought of the consequences after the fact. Now I am trying to think...Moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips (or belly in my case).

Last, but sooo not least...are you feeling Hot and Healthy?

Not really!!! Sorry to say that but every time I step on the scale and see that I have not lost a single pound I get a little bit discouraged. I do see a difference in my stomach but not something major that anyone else would notice. I think maybe I should start measuring myself and taking weekly pictures so I can see the change that way and not just on the scale.

Now wasn't that fun??? Now the McLinky below is for Hot and Healthy Thru the Holidays so if you want to play along just link up :o)

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MannMom3 said...

Dude I would have totally lost my mind..kudos to you for not losing yours..:-)

Congrats on winning the water bottle...That's fun..

Good job on the cardio and the pilates!!

Gluten Free FOODS ROCK said...

Great job

Kassi said...

wow, great job on your cardio and that's great that you are controlling your portions!

Jamie H said...

I tried the Hundred and wanted to DIE! Glad someone likes it!
Losing weight can be a slow process but I know you can do it!

Pennie said...

Helga, that is a HUGE choice you are facing - my prayers are with you! Hang in there!

Erin said...

Ugh I hate choosing orders. We've been lucky that way in going where we've wanted but it's still stressful. Hopefully some better slots will open for you guys soon.

Mama M. said...

I'm liking the picture idea...a little before and after?! Way to go on the cardio!