Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Question week....day 3

****Edit....I forgot 2 states that I visited in April when I was moving to Iceland****

Today I am taking Kobe to my Mamma's where he will stay while I work till Thursday.  Tomorrow is my sisters 28th birthday.  There are 24 days till we celebrate Christmas.  I have a pimple on my chin.  I woke up to a puppy barking.  Tyrique and Markus woke up an hour before my alarm went off and were watching TV when I went to wake them up.  I need to go grocery shopping.  I finished all my laundry yesterday.  I need to put the laundry away.  I want pancakes and bacon.  I need to go take a shower and get dressed.

Day 3 of Question week is here.  If you want to participate and answer the questions on your blog just copy them and leave me a comment that you joined along.  Tell your friends :)

1. Do you like cottage cheese?

No, not so much :(  The texture is kinda icky!

2. What are you listening to right now?

Kobe is watching the Disney Channel.

3. How many countries have you visited?

Iceland, US of A, England, Faeroe Islands, Qatar, Bahrain

4. How many states have you visited?


New York State and City, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah. North Dakota, South Dakota, Nevada, California, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

5. Were your parents strict?

Yes and no.  We had to be home on time or we would be grounded for a day for each minute we were late (which didn't happen because of the punishment), we had a bedtime, we had rules and we had chores.  I think my parents were strict enough but not crazy strict.

6. Would you go sky diving?

I dunno!!  I think that is kinda scary and I would be afraid to die and leave my kids without a mommy :(

7. Have you ever been in a castle?

No, I do plan on going one fine day though!  How cool would it be to go visit a castle??

8. Do you rent movies often? 

Nope, never!!! I used to back in the day but now I just go online and watch them.

9. Do you or your spouse own a gun?

No!  I am too scared to have a gun in my house.  I have 3 sons and I think if they would find a gun they would probably play with it and shoot someone on accident.......I hope they wouldn't but I am too scared to take the chance.

10. Did you ever make prank phone calls?

Heck yeah I did!!  Who didn't???  My friends and I used to make prank phone calls all the time and then one time it backfired and the guy we prank called started calling us back and he scared the daylights out of us because he wouldn't stop calling (he called a million times at least lol).  We forgot to block our number before we called and he just *69 ed us and decided that the prank was on us :(

Monday, November 29, 2010

Top 10 Places to spend Christmas in 2010

I thought this was very interesting!  Who's coming to visit me for Christmas :)

Question week...day 2

Day 2 of Question week.  How are you liking the questions so far??

Today I am going to enjoy my day off and take my boys, niece and nephew swimming.  My sister is a full time student and she has a huge test on Friday that she is studying for so I am going to spend a lot of time with her little munchkins this week.  They are so excited about swimming today, they told me yesterday that they were going to go to sleep early and be extra good so they could go :)

What are you doing today???

Now on to the Questions!  If you want to play along just copy the questions and post on your blog.  Remember to leave me a comment letting me know that you played along and don't forget to tell your friends :)

1. Do you floss?

I try to as much as I can....it feels so good :)

2. What comes to mind when I say cabbage?

Stinky gas!!

3. When was the last time you talked to someone on IM (instant messenger)?

It's been a few months.

4. Are you emotional?

Why yes I am, I am very emotional and most things can make me cry!

5. Would you dance on top of a bar?

Yeah I probably would if I was having a good time....I always wanted to do the Coyote Ugly thing LOL.

6. Have you ever counted to 1,000?

Yes, when I was a kid I used to count everything such as ceiling tiles, carpet squares, lines, etc. to see how high I could count.  I have always been a numbers person.

7. Do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it?

Both....if it is soft serve then I bite and lick but if it is hard ice cream I just lick it....the cold bothers my teeth if the ice cream is hard (that whole sentence sounded so dirty hahaha).

8. Do you like your hair?

Yep....I love it!!!  I just wish I did more with it.  It is always in a ponytail....like 99% of the time.

9. Do you like yourself?

I try to!!!  Some days I love myself and others....not so much :(

10. Have you ever met a celebrity?

Yes, when I was little I met a famous guy on an airplane but I didn't know until we got to our destination that the guy was famous :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Questions...day 1

I am going to do a question week this week and each day I am going to have at least 10 questions that I am going to answer.  If you want to ask a question then this is your chance to ask away.  If you would like to play along and answer the questions yourself then just copy them and answer them on your blog.  If you do play along please leave me a comment so I can come check out your answers and please tell your friends :)

1. First thing you wash in the shower?

I have a routine when I get in the shower and I start by wetting my hair and my body and then I shampoo my hair.

2. What color is your favorite Hoodie?

Black!  I have an Old Navy hoodie that I have had for probably 7 or 8 years that I love to pieces.

3. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?

Yeah...I think so ;o)

4. Do you plan outfits?

No!  Work clothes are always the same but when I am off I just put something....if I get dressed!

5. How are you feeling RIGHT now??

Optimistic!!  I think it will all work out in the end :)

6. What's the closest thing to that's red?

I had to really search for that one....there is a car poster on the wall to my right that has a red car on it!

7. Do you say aim or a-i-m?

I don't use aim but when I say instant messenger I usually say just that....instant messenger!  Lame huh?

8. Tell me about the last dream you remember having?

I can't!!!  I woke up with a WTF???  It was not a dream I ever would have expected to dream :-O

9. What are you craving right now?

Soda!!!  I quit drinking soda 2.5 years ago and then I moved back here to Iceland and started drinking soda again....now I am quitting.....again!!!  I hate quitting drinking soda!!!

10. Did you meet anybody new today?

I meet someone new everyday...it's my job :)

That's it for todays questions.  Come back tomorrow for another 10 questions!  Have a great Sunday!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Random Saturday

I am sitting here at work counting down till I can go home to my babies (I have 46 minutes by the way).  I don't really know what to blog about today, yesterday I stayed home from work because I had the stomach flu....it is going around bad around here.  I vomited the night away and half the day but I feel better today.  I am a little bit nauseous but nothing compared to yesterday.  Now if only I could lose some weight due to the stomach flu lol.  

I have been watching the show The Big C that is on Showtime and lemme tell you that show is really good!!!  I didn't expect this at all but I am impressed.  I am so hooked that I only have one more show to watch and then I am caught up :)  If you haven't seen the show then I will tell you that it is about a woman who is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and how she handles it basically.  It's funny cause you wouldn't think a show about cancer would be good or funny but this one is.  So check it out if you haven't.

Let's see...what else???  Nothing really.  So, how about I end it here before I bore you to tears....maybe I did that already!?!?!?!  If I did then it's your own fault for reading this far hahahahahaha!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Out of the mouthes of babes...

As I was driving with my niece, nephew and Kobe today I overheard a conversation that had me cracking up and I had to share it with you guys.

Kobe-Owie, I hurt my wee-wee.

My Nephew then said-No Kobe, you say scrotums.

Kobe-Owie, I hurt my scrotums!!!  Oh, my scrotums hurt!

I thought that was hilarious LOL.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Just Thanksgiving Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!  I hope you enjoy the day with the people you love.

Today I am a little bit depressed.  It's scary to look back to one year ago and see where I was and then look at my life now and see where it has gone.  I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined that I would be living in Iceland and getting a divorce a year ago!!!  A year ago today I was sitting at my kitchen table in VA with my husband, children and Aunt Sharla enjoying our Turkey dinner and my favorite....Pumpkin Pie for desert!  

I'm sorry that I am kinda blah but this is my blog and this is my life and I am gonna write it like it is!  I have been thinking today about how I have a hard time writing a blog post on days where I am depressed and it is only because I don't want to put my feelings out there and make this blog all blah and depressed....well guess what??  Today I am blah and depressed and I am telling you all about it!!!

Today I wish I could rewind the time and go back to a year ago....I wish I could be sitting at my kitchen table in VA.  As I am writing this I have tears rolling down my cheeks because it hurts to think about all of this :(

Instead of writing anymore and writing something I am going to regret I am going to play along to Abby's Just Thursday.  Click here if you want to play along too.

Outside my window..it's dark.  

The time is..7:04 PM

Today I feel..thankful and depressed rolled into one.

I am thinking..about my boys.

At the moment, I am thankful..for my boys, family, friends

I am going..to be working the whole weekend.

I am wearing..Nike pants and a Chicago Bears t-shirt.

I wish..I could change a few things about my life right now.

I am reading..I am thinking about reading a Danielle Steele.....it has been a long time since I have read her but I think I might just crack open an old book.

I am working on..cleaning this house.

I am hoping..the next 3 days of work go by really fast.

I am hearing..Kobe and Tyrique in the background.

I bet you didn't know..I feel kinda overwhelmed at the moment.

One of my favorite..deserts on Thanksgiving is Pumpkin Pie :)

Have a great Thanksgiving and I'm sorry about my earlier outburst :(

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

My head feels much better today and I am in such a great mood.  I spent the day with my Grandmother and sister and I swear I have been smiling for most of it :)  Since it's Wordless Wednesday I am going to use the opportunity and post a picture and not write a blog lol.  I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow and drive safely if you are having to travel.  No drinking and driving!!!  

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I have had a really bad migraine since yesterday and have spent most of the day in bed.  I am gonna take the day off from blogging today.

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, November 22, 2010

And the Award goes to...

This morning it was so hard to get out of the bed.  It was so cold in the house (I'm having some issues with the heating...grrr), Kobe was snuggled so comfy against me, it was MONDAY and I was still so sleepy!  None the less I got out of the bed and got ready for my day.  I got to work and after a few hours I checked my blog to find that Rochelle over at A Family of Looney had given me a blog award :)  It has been quite awhile since I have received an award and I must tell ya I was really excited that there are still a few reading what I have to say LOL.  

Rules for accepting the stylish blogger award.
1. Thank and link back to the person who sent you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this on to 13 other wonderful bloggers.
4. Contact the selected bloggers and tell them about their award.

7 Things about me...

1. I am very stubborn and have a temper.  But I am quick to forgive.

2. I am very protective of my family and friends.

3. When dressing I love colors but get sucked into the black clothes all the time....I feel most comfortable in dark clothes.

4. I have almost white eye lashes and eyebrows and must dye them to look like I have some.

5. Right now I feel as if I am not living life....just floating through it (not in a good way).

6. Daydreaming is how I make it through the days sometimes.

7. I am gonna be 30 in less than 2 months!!!

13 Bloggers who I am giving this award to...

I do want to say one thing.....that list of blogs is in no particular order!!!  Also....this award goes to anyone reading my blog!!!  Not just he 13 listed above :)

Have a great Monday everyone!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Today my family celebrated Thanksgiving at my sisters house.  There was 34 of us there and we had a blast!  Between my Mamma and step Dad there were 20 of us and for the first time ever we had all the siblings in the same place at the same time.  It was so much fun and we need to do it again really soon.  We ate good food and had great conversations and created some wonderful memories (that I forgot to take pictures of....I had my camera there and kept meaning to take pictures but never did ugh).

I am so thankful for the wonderful family that I have and I am so glad that I got to spend the day with them.  This is the first major Holiday that I get to spend with my family in 4 years and I am so happy.  This day could not have gone any better.

Thank you for the day everyone!  Love you to pieces!

I thought this Psalm fit the occasion just right :)

I hope you all had a great Sunday!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Five Question Friday on a Saturday

Hello Ladies and Happy Saturday to you all :)

I am in a great mood....wanna know why??  Well it is because I am sitting in a nice and toasty warm home!  You see when I started all the work on this apartment we ripped out the heating and decided to put all new heating into the house (brings up value when selling blah, blah, blah), then I had to wait till I had the money to install heating cause it costs a whole lotta money you know.  Well, then it was getting really cold here in the great ol' land of ice and I had to have the heating put in or risk freezing to death.  So today my Dad, brother in law and two cousins came over and installed the heating and I came home 12 hours later to a nice and toasty house.  I love them so very much :)  I dunno where I would be without them.

So now that the house is all nice and toasty I am going to write this blog post and clean up a little bit then go to sleep in the warmth.

Now you know how the story goes, Mama M over at My Little Life hosts the blog hop Five Question Friday....okay I know it's Saturday but you see I had to go to a Girls Night yesterday and didn't have time to write a long blog so I am doing 5QF today...on a Saturday!  Click on the button above to play along.

1. What Christmas song do you loathe?

I can't think of any Christmas song that I loathe....I can tell you one that I LOVE!!!  This Christmas with Chris Brown....aaaaahhhh I love that song and am listening to it now cause I had to look it up on youtube. 

2. Do you and your significant other cuddle at night or sleep on opposite sides of the bed?

I don't have a significant other but when I did we slept all cuddled up against each other.  I miss that :(  Now I have Kobe in my bed to cuddle up against!

3. Have you ever had surgery?

Yes I have.  I have had to have my uterus fixed a few times, I have had kidney stones removed, I have had wisdom teeth removed and I have had a c-section.

4. When do you typically have your holiday shopping done?

It depends on the year lol.  I have everything bought already this year except for my niece and nephew but I already know what I am getting them.  Everything else is already bought...now it is time to wrap all these presents!!!

5. If money were not an issue (and you HAD to pick something), what would your ultimate luxury item be?

A new house!!!  

A new car.

A Canon Rebel (oh this is my dream)

Okay enough dreaming, it's time to get off the computer and clean up.  I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow.  I have a Thanksgiving dinner to get ready for.  Have a great night everyone!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Girls Night

I have been super busy today, baking chocolate cake, making vanilla pudding, egg salad and tuna salad.  The boys requested a cake today and pudding too since I was in the kitchen.  I made them their treats and decided to make some tuna and egg salad while I was at it.  I have a girls night planned for tonight so I thought I would bring those with me for snacks :)

What are you doing tonight?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just Thursday

Last night when I got home from work the kitchen sink was clogged and kept draining into the dishwasher.  I cleaned the sink and dishwasher by scooping the water out with a cup into a bucket and then I cleaned the whole dishwasher on the inside.  Eeww I gotta tell you that this was not something that I liked doing (okay so no one would like to do that but gross)!!  

I was freaking out a little bit because how was I going to resolve the problem of the clogged sink?  Well I called my Mamma and then my Dad and they both told me the same thing.  Unscrew the bottom thingamagicker and then clean that out and screw it back on.  So that is what I did and cleaned out the pipes under the sink and guess what???  It worked!!!  I unclogged my sink all by myself....well besides the help from my parents on the phone :)

Now on to the fun.  Abby over at Murdock's Mama has a blog hop that is ending this week called Just Thursday.  Please make this week the biggest and baddest week for her by playing along.  Click here to join in.

Outside my window..it is raining and gray and blah....

The time is..12:11 Pm

Today I feel..annoyed, irritated and glad to be off the whole weekend!!

I am thinking..that I really want a cute blog design for my blog.  I am really over all these blah designs I keep looking at :(

At the moment, I am thankful..that this is the last day of my shift!!!  I am also thankful that I get to get Kobe today...I missed my lil man!

I am going..to get off of work in 5 hours!!!  Yippy!!

I am wearing..work clothes

I wish..I could travel anywhere anytime I wanted.

I am reading..blogs....that's all I read and I know it's sad but I don't have time for anything else :(

I am working on..putting new heating into my apartment (that will be done this weekend.....hopefully!

I am hoping..today goes by fast!

I am hearing..silence

I bet you didn't know..today will be the last 'linked' Just Thursday post...all good things must come to an end.   OMG  this is just mean of you ABBY!!!  I say this in my most hurt voice (typing lol).  I am really going to miss Just Thursdays :(

One of my favorite..things to do is fly!!  Some days it is really hard to work next to an airport.....I just want to be on those planes!!

Weekend Plans..

[Thursday] Work and get Kobe when I get off!
[Friday] Girls night Friday night!!! I can't wait!!!  Maybe I will even have a drink or two or three!!!
[Saturday] I have an old friend coming to visit!!!  I have known her since Tyrique was 4 days old :o)
[Sunday] Celebrating Thanksgiving with my Mamma's side of the family (I know it's early but there is no Thanksgiving in Iceland so we celebrate around Thanksgiving :o)

What are you doing this weekend???

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


My home is filled with toys, has fingerprints on everything and is never quiet.  My hair is usually a mess and I'm always tired, but there is always love and laughter in here.  In 20 years my kids won't remember the house or my hair but they will remember the time we spent together and the love we felt.  Children only get one childhood....make it a good one!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Busy day and smart as could be

Today I had to take Kobe to my Mamma's house.  I met my step dad a little over an hour from my house and Kobe was not happy to have to leave his Mamma.  He is such a Mamma's boy and never wants to leave me.  Once he gets to Amma and Afi's (Grandma and Grandpa's) house he is happy as can be though.  It doesn't make this day any easier though.....I hate having to leave my baby with someone else :(

On a happier note.....I unlocked my Blackberry today :)

I brought my Blackberry with me from the states but I wasn't able to unlock it and I had a few guys try with no success.  Then today I decided to try it myself and what do you know.....I did it!!!!

I am so excited to have my phone....I really missed it!

Now, I am off to bed.  I have to work tomorrow morning and I want to get plenty of rest tonight.  Good night everyone!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Today Kobe and I decided to go swimming.  We went to the pool where we played for over 2 hours.  It was so much fun and wore us both out.

Last year when I came to Iceland to visit I took all the boys swimming as well as my sister and I took a ton of pictures.  I decided to post them so you can all see how great the pool is here.

Here are Ty and Markus going down the slide.

This is the inside water park that Kobe loves!!!

Here is my sister Amelia with Kobe showing him how the turtle shoots water out of it when it pull down on the lever.

Lil sister Amelia enjoying the water sprinkling on her from the snake!

This thing is really cool, the waters runs into each cone and then they spill at different times.  The kids love being underneath them never knowing which one is going to pour water all over them.

This is one of 4 hot tubs outside.  Here are Amelia and Kobe relaxing and enjoying the warm water.  This is where Kobe and I spent most of our time today besides the inside playground.

This is a view of the outside pool.  There are two parts, the part that is closer is shallow for the kids to play in and then the part that is further away is deeper and you can swim laps there.  There is an Olympic size pool inside and the slide has a pool of its own.

The pool here is awesome and the boys and I love to go swimming there.  It is free for kids under the age of 16 and it is only $3 for adults!!!  Can't beat that huh!?!?!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cozy day

The other day it was cold outside and Kobe and I decided to spend the day lounging around in PJ's, Tyrique and Markus were at school so we had the whole house to ourselves to do with as we chose.  We chose to lay in bed half the day watching cartoons and Kobe colored and drew me some of his stick figure guys that I love so much.

I love lazy days spent at home with my favorite people.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Finger lickin good

Kobe had a pacifier until February of this year and then we took it away from him.  It was one of the hardest things I have had to do...he loved his Dudda as he called it.  He was in no way ready to give it up and then his Dad and I separated two months later and we moved to a different country.  Poor baby was asking for his Dudda for a long time and I didn't give in....Lord knows I wanted to go to the store and buy him a Dudda!!!

Well about a month ago he started doing this....

Do you see how much he is into that thumb??

I felt so bad for Kobe that I wanted to let him keep sucking his thumb....he is having a really hard time with the divorce and being without his Daddy.  I refused to let him suck his thumb though....that is harder to take away than the pacifier is.  He no longer sucks his thumb for comfort, he sticks it in his mouth no and again and I immediately tell him to take it out!!!

Do/did your children suck their thumbs or take a pacifier??

On a side note....

Kobe is completely potty trained!!!  I am so excited, he quit using diapers during the day a few months ago and I was really nervous about taking it away from him during the night so I kept putting one on him.  Well the last week he has been completely diaper free and he has only had one accident and that was when his Mamma didn't put him on the potty before going to bed (I fell asleep before he did).