Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nor'easter photos

I wanted to post some photos of what we did during the Nor'easter as well as of some of the photos I took of the actual storm.

This is what Maya did...relaxed on the floor chewing on smoked pig ears (yummy).

I baked chocolate chip cookies that only lasted one day in this house full of boys.

Did I mention that I made a triple batch of chocolate chip cookies that lasted less than 24 hours in this house!!!

Kobe cheered Daddy on as he played XBOX.

Kobe also played with Maya trying to keep her occupied...poor Maya was not understanding why it was so wet outside!?!?
Daddy playing XBOX with my brother in law (they play sister and her husband live in Iceland and our hubby's love to play football against each other and that is the only way they can).

Tyrique and Markus played their PSP's on the couch (poor things they were so bored having to stay inside for that long).

Here is my next door neighbor wading through the water after parking her car on the curb. She lost her shoe and was trying to retrieve it. As you can see the water was past her ankles, it got a lot worse before it got better.

This is the parking lot and I am standing on my patio taking a picture. You can see a little of the white line separating the parking spots and then the rest looks like it is a lake or the ocean or something.

Our cars parked up on the curbs and over the sidewalks. My truck was almost in my bushes that are in front of my kitchen window.

I know these last pictures of the storm are not the best but it was the best I could do. The weather was crazy here Wednesday, Thursday and Friday last week and to think that it was nothing here compared to other areas around us. Peoples homes flooded, cars were flooded out all over the place and there were crazy car accidents. My friend and her husband run a warehouse and the roof over their office was torn off. They came into their office on Friday only to discover that it was raining straight in.

We have so much to be thankful for!!!


Its So Very Cheri said...

Wow--that is amazing.


Leah said...

glad you guys made out ok :) we did too