Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Toot your horn Tuesday!!!

It's that time of week again!!! Time for Toot your horn Tuesday!! After reading about my adventures make your way over to Silly little Sparrow and read about her and everyone elses toots. All you have to do is click on the button above and it will take you right over to her blog :o)

So in the last week I finished up my daycare and I am now a Full time Stay at Home Mamma :o) I will be a full time student come August 20 th but until then I am a stay at home Mamma.

Since Friday I have taken the boys to the pool 3 times and plan on going again tomorrow....whew that is a lot of pool time. My tan is looking good though :o) I am trying to do as much with the boys before they leave for Iceland next Tuesday.

My hubby is the greatest and on Sunday morning before I even woke up he had the whole house cleaned :o) I woke up to a *Sparkly* clean house, I love it!!! Since then I have kept everything in this house spot less because I love the feeling of clean :o)

That's it for my Tooting. Again head over to Silly little Sparrow by clicking on the button at the top of my blog to read hers and everyone elses.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Toot your horn Tuesday!!!

It is time for Toot Your Horn Tuesday again. After reading my blog click on the button above to go over to The Silly little Sparrow and read her and everyone else's Toots.

To start off my tooting let me tell you about the awesome work my husband did yesterday. See we just bought a new car last week and we are putting our TV/stereo thing into the front console and we decided that we are going to buy TVs for the headrests for the boys. We take a lot of long trips back and forth to Chicago and it would be great to have the TVs in the back to keep the boys entertained. Well the stores that Dewayne went to yesterday wanted $800 for two headrest TVs and then even more to install them. Well my wonderful hubby went online last night and found 4 headrests for $500!!! So we ordered them so we can have TVs in all the headrests for the boys and now all we have to pay is the installation :o) I am so excited about these TVs, they include games and each TV can watch a separate movie. I think the boys are going to loooooovvveee these TVs.

Well as for me I haven't done much in the last week to Toot about. I have been staying in the house and trying to maintain the mess in here :o) The boys were supposed to go to Florida last week but something came up so they are not going. Well I went through their rooms last week and cleaned them all up and sorted through their clothes and we gave away 80% of their clothes. I was so excited to see all those clothes go so I don't have to wash them ever again :o)

I do have one thing that I am really excited about and that is that Friday is my last day of work!! No more daycare for me :o) I am going to be starting school in August and decided to take the summer off (well most of it). I can not wait to get my house back to the way I want it. I am getting tired of having my house look like a daycare. I have pack m plays (beds) in every room for my daycare kids and I have baby gates every where and a big toy box in my living room. Now as of Friday I do not have to worry about that any more. I plan on taking everything out of my living room and cleaning my carpets, walls and baseboards sometime next week. Then in July we are getting new leather couches, the one I have now was brand new when I started doing daycare and it is looking rough!!! It has spots all over it and I can't stand having to clean it all the time. I will never get micro fiber ever again!!!! I hate that material more than anything else!!

Ok well enough for today, see you guys again next week for some more Toot your Horn Tuesday.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Toot your horn Tuesday!!!

It is time for Toot your Horn Tuesday again (missed it last week because due to lack of mouse for the computer....see post below for Not the reason why it was MIA).  So after reading about how great me and my family are click on the button above to visit Silly little sparrow to visit her and read her Toot your horn Tuesday and everyone elses that decided to join in on the fun.  

Yesterday after finishing up my Not me! Monday post, my wonderful 9 year old son Markus came home from school.  He had the best news ever to share with me.....He made Vice President for the Student Council next school year!!!  He worked so hard on campaigning for it, making about 15 posters to hang up all over the school.  Writing a great speech that I wish I would have thought to scan on my computer.  He was so excited to run for Vice President and my wonderful son WON!!!!  I am so proud of him.

While I am tooting Markus's horn let me also tell you all that my son is receiving two awards tomorrow for having Honor Roll the whole year as well as Perfect attendance for the WHOLE year!!!  My son has not missed one single day the whole school year :o)  It took a lot for him to keep the perfect attendance, he was so determined though!!!

I don't know what to Toot my own horn about....you all must know how hard it is to think of something to toot about when you are a mom, I can think of all kind of things for the kids but not myself :o)  

Well onto Tyrique then....My big boy is such a great big brother that I have to give him a big shout out on here.  He is always taking care of his baby brothers and I know sometimes when I have to go to the gym and he has to baby sit for me he would rather be outside playing with the kids.  He doesn't complain (too much) and he is so good to them.  He gets irritated with them when they get into his stuff but any big brother does.  But he is patient in teaching them new stuff and he is so loving.  

Jalen is doing so good at looking both ways when crossing the street (in the parking lot :o).  He has been working very hard at remembering to look both ways and now he remembers it every time.  Jalen is a great singer and remembers the words to songs like you all would not believe.  He memorizes all kinds of songs and LOVES to sing in the church choir.  He sings gospel music, children's songs and a whole lot of Beyonce songs all day for me :o)

Kobe my little baby boys is doing so great at talking.  I was nervous for awhile thinking maybe his speech was delayed.  But then all of a sudden he started talking and hasn't stopped since.  He can say 4 to 5 word sentences and he is 21 months old.  He tells me Mamma I got Boo-Boo and I have to pee (he thinks that is so cool but he hasn't peed yet for me).  He can tell me that he wants to eat and that he wants his cup.  When someone rings our door bell he yells out WHO'S THERE???  He is such a cutie pie :o)  Oh by the way he got a hair cut last week and now he has no more long curly hair.....He has super short straight black hair.  I know it will curl right back up when it grows out but it is just weird seeing him like this.  I cried and screamed when I saw his hair cut, his Daddy surprised me by getting it cut.  But, I like it now!!!  It made it look so much older but I think it was definitely time to cut his hair, it is way too hot here in Virginia Beach to have all that hair.

Ok enough for today I will see you all next week for another Toot your horn Tuesday.  Remember to go visit Silly little sparrow and check out her Toot your horn Tuesday and play along with us if you want.  It is so much fun :o)  

Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to another addition of Not me! Monday.  After reading my post click on the button above so you can read MckMamas Not me! Monday as well as everyone elses.  Happy reading :o)

On Thursday almost two weeks ago Kobe did not get a hold of my mouse and put it in a cup full of iced tea and ruin it.  Not my son!  I did not have to wait till pay day (this weekend...10 days later) to buy a new one because Apples Mighty mouse is $80.  This is also not my third mouse since buying this computer 2 years ago!  I would never allow my child to get into my mouse again and again.  Nope not me!

Wednesday of last week Kobe did not wake up with a high fever.  He was not miserable and I did not have to call all my daycare kids' parents to tell them to keep their kids home for the day.  I did not wait till 6:30 pm to take him to the ER because I could not get an appointment at his Drs. office.  I did not find out he had an upper respiratory infection as well as some sort of bacterial infection in his body causing his white blood cell count to become really high.  

I did not leave the ER at almost 10 pm to go to the pharmacy to get his antibiotics and since there was a 15 minute wait, I certainly did not drive over to Wendy's to get some dinner for me because I had not eaten knowing I would NOT have to wait forever at the ER with him.  

I did not go home after getting the meds and call all my daycare parents again to tell them to keep their children home another day because Kobe was still sick.  I did not feel horrible since I only had two and a half weeks left before I quit doing daycare.  

During those two days off from work while Kobe was sick I DID NOT ignore the mess in my house and lay around with Kobe all day.  I did not let me dishes stack high enough to reach the sky for two days in a row because I am the cleanest person in the world and I would never let my kitchen get dirty....Nope not me!

On Saturday I did not go buy myself a cell phone and since they were not giving me two free cell phones with my plan I certainly did not give my 12 year old and 9 year old their very own cell phones.  Who would do such a thing...Not me!

I then did not turn around and spend almost $300 buying Tyrique a PSP (Playstation Portable...hand held game) that he was promised a year ago and games for him and Markus.  After spending all that money on cell phones what Mom would possible spoil her kids so much in one day???  Not me!

I did not turn around and buy Jalen a V.Smile hand held game too because he had to have his own game since his big brothers got one.  Not me!  I would never try to make sure that no one got jealous or left out in my house.  Nope not me!

Well that is it for my Not me! Monday.  Hope you all enjoyed and I will see you all next week for another episode :o)