Monday, June 30, 2008


I am feeling so blah today, I didn't get alot of sleep last night and I know that has alot to do with it but it is also because of Jalen leaving on Wednesday.  I feel so bad about him leaving but I know he misses his own Mommy and all his family and friends back home.  I keep telling myself that if someone tried to take my boys away I would go crazy and I don't want to take Jalen away from his Mommy for that reason but I know that he has a much better home here with us.  He has a routine, a bed to sleep in, toys of his own and alot more that he does not have with his mom.  She lives with her mom or sister or who ever else will take care of her at that moment and it is just not good for Jalen.  His mom has had a steady job for almost a year now which is more than she has ever been able to do before and I am hoping that she decides to grow up and get her own place soon so he can have some stability with her.  I dunno all this stuff is really bugging me and it is making me really BLAH.  Ok well enough of my BLAHness for now.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


  This beautiful little Puggle is our new addition, her name is Snuggles (A Puggle is a Pug and Beagle mix).  Snuggles is 1.5 years old and she is such a wonderful dog.  We got her from a family that could not care for her any longer, but they sure did take good care of her when they had her.  She is fully potty trained and she knows how to sit when told to.  The only thing we need to break her from doing is eating people food.  She is such a piggo and loves to eat people food.  If we sit down to eat then she begs and barks until she gets food....not good!!!  Well we are breaking her of that habit and it is a SLOW process.  Ok well just wanted to share our beautiful baby with the rest of the world.

Busy week

  So my big boys Tyrique and Markus go to Florida every summer to visit their Grandmother.  Well they left a week and a half ago and the day after they left my little sisters came to visit.  My little sisters live in Iceland with our Mamma and their Dad lives in Pennsylvania and the girls go visit him every summer and every other Christmas and Easter.  Well they got to come spend a week and a half here with me and my family which was wonderful.  We had so much fun together and they were a huge help with my daycare kids.  We dropped them off yesterday and the house feels so empty now.  With the boys being gone the house is just tooooooo quiet.  
  Jalen is my step son and we got him for sometime this summer and I just found out last night that he will be leaving before the 4th of July to go back home to his Mom.  I am gonna miss him so much, the two of us have a really close relationship and he is such a Mammas boy (me being the Mamma).  He calls me Mommy even though I am not his Mom but don't ever try to tell him that cause he will tell you I am his Mamma.  
  I am watching kids around the clock this week so I am really tired and after our drive last night I am so ready to go to sleep.  It is almost 7 pm and I am going to put the kids to bed by 8 pm and then I can go take a nice relaxing bath and then I am going to sleep.  Dewayne has football practice so he won't be home until late tonight so I might as well go to bed early.  

Ok Good Night