Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mirror Mirror on the wall

This summer I started refinishing old beat up furniture and found a love I had no idea existed.  I have this obsession with buying cute little tables and painting them and giving them a new life.  I bought so many little tables that everyone around me was starting to make fun of me telling me I was going to be living in an apartment full of tables.  So since there were enough tables to go around, I decided that I needed to do something different this time.  I came across this mirror that was so beautiful but yet, so ugly!!  The color was horrific but the details in this mirror are amazing.

The mirror started off with this weird gold/copper color that looked so dirty.

I love this color from Valspar, it is called Twilight Meadow and it is to die for!  I have used it on so many projects and it always comes out perfect.

Here is what the mirror looked like after receiving two coats of Twilight Meadow.

See how purdy she looks with a little bit of love and this gorgeous color to make all the details pop.

Did you notice this flower in the other pictures?  Me neither!!  I didn't notice half the details until I started to paint the mirror.

It's hard not to love this beauty!!

I finished this mirror some time ago but have yet to hang it up.  I am waiting for the table that will go underneath it to be finished (or ummm....started) but that's a whole nother story in a whole nother post...imagine that, another post!!!!  I want to get into blogging again but I'm not making any promises because on Monday I start my first semester of my Bachelor's Degree and this semester is going to be a little bit more work than the last few semesters were.

So for now, I hope you enjoyed my Mirror Mirror on the wall (or sitting on the carpet leaning against the wall....same thing!!  Right??).