Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Toot Your Horn Tuesday 11/17

EXTRA EXTRA read all about it!!!

Leah from A Silly Little Sparrow is back this week with her fun blog carnival Toot Your Horn Tuesday. Tooting Your Horn is a great way to boost your ego, make you feel better about yourself or just to get a little bit of attention :o) So come play along and start Tooting Your Horn this wonderful, fabulous Tuesday!!!

Today I am just going to keep tooting my horn about the fact that I drove to Ohio all alone to make my Mamma happy!!! The truth is...I am too tired still to try to think of something else to Toot about. After a weekend like that it takes forever to recover and get back to normal. Sunday morning when I got I tried to go to sleep at about 10 am and Kobe laid with me in the bed and watched Dora. Kobe was basically laying underneath me the whole time because he could not get close enough to his Mamma (he really missed me :o). Well Dewayne left right before 11 to take Kobe to church and they were home right after 1. In the two hours they were gone my phone rang six thousand times!!! I am not kidding, the darn phone would not stop ringing and I kept pushing ignore and still the phone kept ringing.

The funny thing is before I went to sleep I left a status message on my facebook account that said "I'm finally home!!! I am going to kiss all my many boys and then I am going to crash in my bed for a long time. Don't call me and don't come over!!! :o)" I guess no one read that status or they just ignored it and decided to call anyway!!!

So at 1 pm, 3 hours after I had tried to go to sleep, I got out of bed and decided that I would not waste the day laying in bed. So downstairs I went to lay on the couch....HAHAHAHAHA and spent the day there with my boys and hubby. Then Dewayne and I went on a date to the movies to see Couples Retreat. That was a great movie by the way!!! It was really funny, tears were running down my cheeks from laughing so hard.

Ok so this wasn't really a Toot my horn....just kind of a little bit about me :o) Now if you want to Toot Your Horn, head over to Leah's blog and have a great time. Trust me you wont regret it.

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Leah said...

Hopefully you're rested up by now! Everyone needs some down time, and after that long drive, you really deserve it! After the holiday, let's meet!