Thursday, July 23, 2009

Going away

Today Dewayne, Kobe and I are going to pack up the car and drive to Chicago.  Kobe and I are staying in Chicago until August 2nd and then we will be flying to Boston and then Iceland.  We will be staying in Iceland until August 18th.  I don´t know how much time I am going to have to blog so I thought I would let you all know why I am suddenly quiet.  Have a great month everyone and I will hopefully be able to update during the trip.  Adios!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Not my child Monday

It is that time of week....Not me! Monday!!  But this week Mckmama has given it a little twist by doing a Not my child Monday instead...should be fun :o)  So after reading my Not my child Monday click on the button above and visit Mckmama and read her and everyone else´s Not my child Monday.

Friday last week Kobe did not sleep until 11:40!!!  I did not go into his room and try to wake him up well before that only to have him snuggle a little bit closer into his pillow and blankie.  I then did not leave the room thinking "oh that was too cute, I will let him sleep a little bit longer" and then forget about him until 11:40!!!!  

Then on Friday night we did not go to the store and forget the diaper bag at home, not us we are great parents that never forget the diaper bag.  Of course Kobe did not poop in his diaper as soon as we got into the store, he also  did not stink up the WHOLE entire store with his not poopy diaper!!!

Now on Saturday Dewayne was not playing a boxing game on the X-BOX 360, he never does that!!!  Kobe did not then sit down next to his Daddy with his X-BOX controller and head set on and yell "knock him down Daddy" because Kobe would never know to say such a thing.  I don't know how a child of 22 months could say knock him down.

Shortly after Kobe did not sit down next to his Daddy the puppy Maya did not start barking because she wanted out of the kitchen.  We would never put a gate up in the kitchen to keep the dog in, nope not us.  Well when Maya did not start to bark, Kobe did not yell at her "shut up Maya"!!!  Nope not my child.....he would never say shut up.  Shut up is a bad word in our house and NONE of my children say that word, especially not Kobe!!!  

Since we are not talking about bad words Kobe also did not hear me say "Oh shit" when I dropped something and turn around and say shit to his Daddy.  I would NEVER say shit in front of my baby and hell I never say any bad words period!!!  His Daddy did not turn around and give me the evil eye because of the bad word that did not come out of my babies mouth.  Nope not in my household!!!

Ok well that is it for my Not my child Monday.  I hope you enjoyed reading about our wonderful baby boy Kobe (he is the only child here in the house to write about).  

*****Shut up really is a bad word in our house and is not allowed to be said*****

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Toot your horn Tuesday

It is that time of week again.....Toot your horn Tuesday!!! After reading my great Toots push the button above and go over to A Silly little Sparrow to read her Toots and then you can read everyone else's Toots too :o)

In the last week I have not done too much. I spent Sunday cleaning my living room, cleaning the carpets (or having the neighbor clean them I should say....I deserve a Toot for getting someone else to do it for me :o) in time for my new couch that I got on Monday. Then Monday I helped my neighbor/friend pack all her house hold goods into boxes and then a U-Haul and then today I helped them unload the U-Haul at their new home. So now they are no longer neighbors but they will forever be my friends. I am really going to miss having my wonderful friend live 30 steps away :o( Now I have to drive 30 minutes to see her....that's really not so bad though.

After helping her move I came home and took a very much needed shower and spent the rest of the day with Dewayne and Kobe. We went and picked up chinese from my favorite Chinese restaurant. After dinner Dewayne and I sat down on our new couch and watched Wanted. That was a really good movie, very unexpected. And now that I am done blogging I am going to

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Toot your horn Tuesday on a Wednesday

This week I am tooting my horn on Wednesday because I was not here on Tuesday to do it.  After you have read my Toot your horn Tuesday (Wednesday) go over to visit Silly Little Sparrow to read her and everyone elses toots :o)

Now this week I definitely have something to Toot about....On Monday night at 8 pm I packed up Tyrique, Markus and Kobe in our truck along with 5 suitcases, 2 bikes, pillows, snacks and drinks and drove to Boston, MA.  My wonderful neighbor and friend Geneva offered to come along for the ride so I would not have to do it alone and I happily accepted her offer :o)  

We left Virginia Beach at 8 pm and got some gas in the truck and started by driving over the Chesapeake Bay bridge.  Geneva had never went over that bridge before so she was excited about that.  The boys and I have travel that way many times before so we were Chesapeake Bay bridge  We drove through Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and finally into Massachusetts.  

We hit some major traffic in NYC at 4 am???  That surprised us all, we thought for sure that we would be able to pass NYC with no troubles at all but we were wrong :o)  We paid six million tolls on the drive and we arrived at Boston Logan International Airport at 9 am (we passed it by at 8 am but decided to go to McDonalds and grab some breakfast).  We were so lucky because there was an older Icelandic couple on their way back home from visiting their daughter that offered to take the boys with them so they would not have to go through the trip alone.  We were so lucky to meet them, they were so good to the boys. 

The boys went through security at about 11:15 am and Geneva and I left to start our drive back home.  We drove for 2 hours and then I thought my body was going to crumble on me so we took a brake at a rest stop 90 miles out of NYC.  I laid down in the back of the truck with Kobe thinking that he would fall asleep with me since he had not slept too much the night before.  Boy was I WRONG!!!  While I attempted to sleep on the floor in the back and Geneva attempted to sleep on the seat up front Kobe decided that he loved the freedom from the car seat.  He ate popcorn on the floor next to me and then got an apple and while eating the apple threw it at me and told me Touchdown Mamma!!!  

After about an hour or so I gave up on trying to sleep in the back and got back behind the wheel of the car.  I felt strangely rested and off we went to NYC.  When we reached NYC Geneva and I were both starving at that point and decided that we wanted some White Castles.  We drove straight into the Bronx for some White Castles and Tyrique will be disappointed to know that we saw the Subway stop that he kept asking about when we had been in Boston earlier that morning.  

After getting our food we got back on the road to go home.  We went through New Jersey no problem, then we got to Delaware.  We both agree that for such a small state they sure do have A LOT of TOLLS!!!  It felt like we were stopping every few minutes to pay a toll!!  

Kobe did wonderful the whole trip until we reached Virginia again.  3 hours from home Kobe decided that he had had enough of the car and wanted out.  He screamed and cried the whole way home until we got to the Chesapeake Bay bridge and then he fell right to sleep.

We finally arrived home at a little after 1 am this morning after I drove 29 hours!!!  I am tooting the hell out of my own Horn for all that driving.  And my sons and Geneva deserve a whole lot of tooting for dealing with that long drive with me.

I have to say one thing before I finish this post.  While I was gone my wonderful husband cleaned the whole house for me and it felt so good to come home to everything clean :o)  I love you honey just a little bit more for that :o)  The way to a woman's heart is to clean her house :o)

Ok now that you have read this huge and long post go over to Silly Little Sparrow by clicking on the button above and read her Toots.

Monday, July 6, 2009


I am going out of my mind right now!!!  I have been doing laundry for hours and trying to get all the stuff together that every one in Iceland requested.  I can not find one scratch that two suitcases that I need to use for the boys.  I borrowed two suitcases from one of my neighbors thinking I had another big one here and then plenty of small ones.  Nope....I only found one small suitcase and obviously that is not enough for the boys!!!

We are leaving tomorrow night around 8 pm to start driving to Boston and then the boys are supposed to check in by noon on Tuesday.  Their flight leaves after 2 pm and then I will head back home.  This is going to be quite the drive I am making.  My neighbor and friend Geneva is going to try to make the trip with me so I don't have to do all that driving all alone.  Geneva does not drive but it would be great to have the company of someone else :o)  

Ok off to go do some more laundry and packing........oh and searching for suitcases.  Have a great night everyone.