Wednesday, December 30, 2009

You wanna see what I have been working on??

I have mentioned many a times that I have started a new craft project here and there. I love to knit and this fall I decided to try to start selling my creations on Etsy. Before I could open up an Etsy shop I had to get my stock up and that took a little bit of time.

I have knitted quite a few hat and bootie sets and not too long ago I decided to go ahead and post them on my Etsy site. I have had some advertisement made to be able to give to people that see my work and are interested in purchasing. Then I just needed to take pictures that were good enough to put up on Etsy.

Getting the perfect picture was hard work. I tried to find a baby to take a picture of wearing my hats and booties and that was really hard. All of a sudden no one I knew had little babies anymore!! Then my neighbor had a baby and I took her a hat and bootie set and took a picture of their little munchkin wearing them. Well the picture didn't turn out too good but I decided to post it anyway.

Then I remembered the baby doll I had that was really pretty and would work perfectly for advertising. I took pictures of this doll in all the hats and booties. Edited the pictures just a little bit and posted them on My Etsy site.

What do you think???

This is the Pink and Green Hat and Bootie set.

I really love these colors together.

This set is gorgeous and I wish I would have had this set for Kobe when he was little.

This set is Stone gray and Green.

So tell me what you think??? I would love to hear some feedback. Also, you can check out My Etsy shop which is called Made Knit Love.


MannMom3 said...

I love the last one!! The little socks are precious..

I wish I was crafty..

I looked at your Etsy shop the other day..:-)

Laura said...

Those are adorable, I love them! You rock! Going to check out you shop... :)

Lisa Curcio said...

Those hats are so adorable!! I have been trying to get a little hat made for my baby girl for months lol. I can never seem to find the time to do anything past picking up the yarn. I just Hearted you on Etsy :)

I have had a wonderful time getting to know you this year and look forward to continuing our bloggy friendship in 2010. Have a Happy New Year!

Drea said...

very cute! if it ever gets cold enough here, I'll have to buy one, or two.

your kids are adorable!


Pennie said...

Next time I need a baby gift, I know where to go...