Sunday, December 20, 2009


Bjúgnakrækir is the 9th Yule Lad to come to town and his name in English is Sausage Stealer. The Sausage is a little different in Iceland than in America and the Icelandic sausage is called Bjúga. In the old days bjúga was about 6 times the size of a hot dog and they were hung in strings from the rafters out of the reach of cats, dogs and children.

Now as old as Sausage Stealer is, he can still climb up on the rafters to steal himself some sausage. But now a days the sausage is in the refrigerator and not hanging from a rafter in an old farm house.

These Yule Lads each had a favorite food, no food was safe around the Holidays with these sneaky Lads around.

Stay tuned for my favorite Yule Lad from when I was a little girl, coming tomorrow.

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