Friday, December 4, 2009

Package in the mail

Today I had a pretty crazy day. I went to work out at lunch time and then I went to my friends house this afternoon. I am working on a huge craft project and I needed to use her printer for part of the project. I spent the afternoon at her house yesterday and then I was able to complete all of it this afternoon and now I am just waiting for it to be printed out so I can do my project.

After I left my friends house I headed over to Target to check out a few things and ended up finding a few cool deals. Then I came home, when I walked through the door I was attacked by my little munchkins to tell me that a package came for me.

What a great package it was.

Isn't this the coolest pink water bottle ever?

I won it in a giveaway from Mama M at My Little Life and I am so excited to finally get to start using it. I have already calculated that I need to drink 3.76 bottles to reach my daily goal of 64 oz. I have been really bad about not drinking enough water so this is going to be great! Thanks Mama M :o)

Now for a picture of my cute little Princess. Maya was tired so she stole the blanket off the couch and managed to wrap it around herself to take a little nap on the floor.

I really love this dog!!!

I hope you are all having a great Thursday. Tomorrow morning we have to be at the hospital by 5 am with Kobe for his surgery to have tubes put back in his ears. Say a little prayer for my little man. Have a great night everyone!!!


Pennie said...

Prayers for Kobe,for sure! And your boxer is ADORABLE...reminds me of a fawn colored boxer I had once - Spanky. :)
Cute bottle, too. Love pink. (My sisters have called me Pinky since I was a baby. I am also "Auntie Pink" to my nieces. I get lots of pink gifts from that side of the fam.) :)
Will be thinking of you and Kobe in the morning!

Stacey said...

I will say a prayer for Kobe. Love the pic of the dog wrapped up in the blanket!

Helga said...

Thank you Ladies. Pennie, I am a lover of all things pink :o) I get it from my Mamma. She is a Pink aholic LOL. How can you not loves such a pretty color :o)

MannMom3 said...

Yay! How fun!

Prayers for Kobe..Done!

Pennie said...

Just want you to know that I was up today (Friday) at 5am, with you and Kobe on my mind, so I was praying for you, just like I said I would - you weren't forgotten! :) Hope all is going well this morning!