Saturday, December 19, 2009

What's that smell???

How awesome would it be to win a GIVEAWAY on Christmas day? If you have been reading the story of the Yule Lads that I have been posting every day then you might know about this GIVEAWAY, if not then click here to be in the know :o)

I have not stopped moving since I woke up this morning. I am in full swing getting ready for Christmas. I started by going to Walmart first thing this morning to pick up a few things and then I went to the grocery store to buy the Hams we will be eating on Christmas and New Years Eve. That took quite some time considering that the world has lost their minds and everyone is going crazy because Christmas is less than a week away. I was so relaxed and smiling at everyone, I think people were scared of how calm and happy I was.

I am not getting crazy and stressed like most of the rest of the world. I just want to enjoy the Holidays and make the most of them. I am done shopping, I didn't do that much of it this year. My home is as decorated as it is going to get and now it is time to enjoy the rest of the time at home with my wonderful Husband, Sons and Maya.

Since I came home from the stores, I have made dinner for tonight. It smells so good in here. We are having Creamy Italian Chicken with Rice, this is a recipe I found earlier this week and everyone loved it. This time I am changing it around a little bit and making triple the recipe....have I ever mentioned that my sons eat more than grown men?? Oh well, sorry I forgot to mention that part!

I have made the dough for one of the cookies I am going to make tomorrow and I am going to start the other dough in just a few minutes. These two recipes require the dough to be left in the refrigerator overnight before making the cookies. After I am finished making these two types of cookies, I am going to make chocolate chip cookies. Then I am done with cookie making for this Christmas.

If you remember when my Aunt Sharla was here for Thanksgiving, we made a ton of cookies. Well they are all done, well almost done. The only ones that are left are a few of the cut out cookies. This year we have definitely gone through a lot of cookies. I made 6 dozen cookies last week and they were gone with in 2 days. I did make some store bought dough cookies and they were the boys and Dewayne's favorite kinds, so they disappeared fast.

What are you doing this weekend? Are you all ready for Christmas? If not what do you have left to do?

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Birgitta (´´,) said...

Wow looks like you´ve been busy. And my goodness Helga...thats a lot of cookies to go through. But I guess with growing boys....
Anyway, I finally made some cookies! Only two types but they will have to do. I am just going to have to make up for it next year :O)