Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How awesome would it be to win a GIVEAWAY on Christmas day? If you have been reading the story of the Yule Lads that I have been posting every day then you might know about this GIVEAWAY, if not then click here to be in the know :o)

Gáttaþefur is the Yule Lad to arrive tonight and in English his name is Door Sniffer. Gáttaþefur gets his first whiff of Leaf Bread from way over in the mountains. Leaf bread is a traditional bread that is usually made at Christmas time in Iceland.

This is what it looks like....

Door Sniffers sense of smell is so great that he can smell Leaf bread being cooked all the way from the mountains and he will do everything in his power to steal some Christmas goodies.

Flour was a luxury in Iceland until fairly recent and Icelandics used to save the baking for special occasions like Christmas.

Sorry this story is so late, I was at a friends house watching her children for her and didn't get a chance to write this story before I left. Have a great night and see you tomorrow for the next Yule Lad story.

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Pennie said...

thanks for continuing the story - the kids and I read it before they left for school. :)

Have a great day!