Sunday, December 13, 2009


Before you start reading about Stúfur, have you enter for a chance to win the book The Yule Lads?? No? Well click right here and enter, then come back and read the story of Stúfur. We will wait for you.

Oh, your back from entering the Giveaway :o) I will start the story then.

The third Yule Lad is also the smallest one. He is Stúfur, also called Stubby or Itty Bitty. Stúfur is a favorite among a lot of the kids, maybe because he is closer to their size lol. I shouldn't make jokes about his size because Stubby is really sensitive about being the shortest troll in his family. With the long walk from the mountains that he has to do to bring presents to the children, his walk is a lot longer than the rest of the Yule Lads because the snow is so deep and Stubby´s legs are so short. Poor thing has such a hard time getting around in the snow.

Now Stubby is no different than his brothers when it comes to sneaking something out of the kitchen. The only difference is, he likes to eat the left overs on the stove. If you don´t get around to washing your dishes, Stubby will clean off the pots and pans for licking them clean :o)

How did you like the story of Stúfur? Look forward to reading about the story of the 4th Yule Lad tomorrow during our countdown to Christmas with the Yule Lads!


Maura said...

I have been loving learning more about the yule lads! What a great story!

Laura said...

I love it! I could use him around the kitchen to help clean some pans. :)