Friday, December 18, 2009

Miracle on 24th St.

Let me tell you all about the Christmas miracle that this little boy received this morning.

First I have to start at the beginning....

Once upon a time in a far away kingdom lived a little Prince name Tyrique. When he was 9 years old his Mother the Queen moved him and his little brother to a further away land called America. When Prince Tyrique started 4th grade in America he struggled, he struggled so hard and even after all his struggles he failed 4th grade. The Queen would not hear of the school making her Prince repeat the 4th grade so the school agreed to send Prince Tyrique to 5th grade.

Once Prince Tyrique went into 5th grade school got even harder for him. His teacher was a mean, nasty, wicked woman who should not be teaching. She was really mean to the Prince through out the whole year and made the Prince feel like he was not good enough. When the time came to graduate from 5th grade and move on to 6th grade again the school wanted to retain the Prince. Again the Queen put her foot down and said NO.

So off to 6th grade (Middle school) went the little growing Prince. Now in the 6th grade the Prince started to do better in school. Instead of failing every subject, he was only failing math. At the end of the school year the Middle School Principle felt that it was in the Princes best interest to repeat the 6th grade so he could catch up to his peers and wouldn't have to struggle so much the next school year.

This time the Queen agreed that she felt bad for her son the Prince and she too was tired of seeing him struggle with his work and having a hard time catching up. So this year the little growing Prince is repeating the 6th grade and he is having a really hard time in school again.

You see every year the Queen has met with the school and begged the school to test her son to see if there is some sort of learning disability and every year the school comes back and tells her there is nothing wrong with her son. This year before her meeting with the school, the Queen consulted with a child therapist and explained all the symptoms her son was having and the Therapist said that to her it sounded like the little growing Prince has a processing disorder.

The Queen took her new information (which made perfect sense to her) to the school and begged the school to re-test her son. The school was not very interested in testing her son for the fourth time in 4 years but decided to go ahead and test him to see if there could possible be a processing disorder.

This morning at 11:15 the Queen arrived at the school and was informed that the test came back to show that her little growing Prince does indeed have a learning disability and a processing disorder. The Queen was so relieved to find an answer to her little growing Prince's problems with school that she cried. The school also informed her that since the little growing Prince is having a hard time with his peers teasing and taunting him about being held back, the Principle is thinking about moving the little growing Prince into the 7th grade at the beginning of the next semester.

This has all been the miracle we have been praying for. Even though we obviously do not want the little growing Prince to have a learning disability and processing disorder, we are so relieved to have an answer to the problems and to finally be discussing a solution.

You see this little Prince...
When he moved to the far away land of America and started 1st grade, he could not read and write. The Queen struggled the whole year to get him tested and low and behold this little Prince is Dyslexic. When little Prince went into the 2nd grade he received a lot of help and even went to a special ed class room for reading and writing.

When the little Prince went into the 3rd grade he no longer needed to go to special ed in a separate class room every day. The little Prince only went to special ed a few times a week and by the end of the year it was only once a week.

Now the little Prince is in 4th grade and he is not in special ed any longer and he is only being evaluated by a special ed teacher once a month to make sure that things are going as they should. Little Prince is an Honor Roll student that loves school and is Vice President of the Student Council. That is a huge change from how little Prince felt in 1st grade, he used to cry every morning that he did not want to go to school. Now little Prince is excited to get up and go learn new things.

I love these two little Princes with all my heart and I am so glad that they are mine.


3LittleMonkeys said...

So glad your Prince's are doing well!

Megan M. said...

Yay for answers, and GOOD FOR YOU for pushing for them! I know it can be hard, but you know your kids best. I'm so glad you are now going to be able to move in the right directions and get all of your Prince's exactly the help they need!

Maura said...

That stinks that it took so long to find out what was going on. I am Dyslexic and have a visual processing problem and I had a really hard time in school until I got much older. I am glad that things are getting sorted out for Tyrique.

And Yay for Markus over coming those obstacles! What a strong little guy.

Btw those photos are way too cute!!

Pennie said...

Helga - what a great mom you are! I am just rejoicing with you right now - this is GREAT news - you are right! The hard part is over - getting somebody to take some action and defining the problem! Now, you can get on the right road and work toward getting Tyrique caught up. I'm so happy for you and for him! And, it must be such a hopeful thing for him to see what struggles his brother had, and the success he's had in overcoming them - yeah!!!!
Way to fight for your kids, Mommy! I'm so proud of you!

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