Wednesday, December 23, 2009


The second to last Yule Lad to arrive from the mountains is Ketkrókur or Meat Hook as he is referred to in English.

In the old days Icelandics used to eat smoked lamb on December 23rd which Meat Hook loved. He would climb up on top of the houses, stick his meat hook down the chimney and steal the meat that was hanging from the rafters. Meat Hook may have even reached down low enough to grab something yummy out of the pot that was cooking on the hearth.
It is not custom to eat smoked lamb on December 23rd any more, now Meat Hook has to find some other meat to steal when he comes to leave a present for the children in their shoe.

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Pennie said...

I won't be around on Dec. 24th to check my blog to see if I won the book...but I DO hope I win!
I'll check on the 27th (provided we don't get snowed in...we're in for a big one, I hear...) :)

Thanks for continuing with the story!