Monday, December 14, 2009


Are you enjoying the stories of each of the Yule Lads?? Would you want to own the book yourself to read to your children? Well you can!!! Just click here to enter the giveaway I am having to win this book.

Now onto the fourth Yule Lad whose name is Þvörusleikir or in English he is called Spoon Licker. This ol´Lad loves to lick the wooden spoons after you have stirred whatever yummy food you are cooking in the pot.

Children love to blame him for licking the spoons when they sneak a taste of whatever Mom or Dad are cooking. Spoon Licker likes to steal the wooden spoon and hide in a corner enjoying his delicious find.

Be nice and leave your wooden spoon out tonight for Spoon Licker to enjoy when he stops by to leave your child a present in their shoe.

It is said that Spoon Licker has an enormously long tongue from all the spoons he has licked in his lifetime.


Leah said...

Hi! You've been a busy little bee on your blog haven't you? I've never done a give-a-way. Yours is soooo cool. I love the spoon licker lad.

Pennie said...

I think my daughter Bridgette is really the spoon licker!