Tuesday, December 15, 2009


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The next Lad to come along in the Yule Lad series is Pottasleikir or Pot Licker as he is known in English. I think his name says it all...Pot Licker!!! He loves to lick the leftovers out of the pots. His favorite part is the crunchy stuff on the rim of the pots.

By the sound of these Yule Lads, you would think that Icelandics were not very good at cleaning up the kitchen after dinner. Maybe it was just that back in the old days the pots stayed on the fire or something :o)

In situations where there is a lot of food left in a pot, Pot Licker will not hesitate to greedily finish off the rest of the food. No matter how many houses he goes to, he just can´t pass up the leftovers.

1 comment:

Pennie said...

Now THIS ONE is Aaron...definitely. Not a leftover to be found within miles of my house when that boy is hungry...