Friday, October 2, 2009

October 1st...A new day, A new start!!!

So today is my first smoke free day!!! I quit smoking yesterday and I am a royal B*tch!!! My poor family having to deal with me. Dewayne told me that as much as he hates when I smoke he would rather deal with me smoking than not because of my temper. The boys are wondering what the hell happened to their Mamma. If they do anything I am yelling at them, poor things are scared to move now.

This is something I have been wanting to do for awhile now. I stopped smoking when I got pregnant with Kobe and I started back up about a year ago when stress got the best of me. I was really mad at myself for starting again and I have been wanting to quit and yesterday was finally the day for that. I wanted to start the month smoke free!!

I have a busy schedule this week, so many errands and meetings that I am having a hard time staying on top of all of this with my foul mood. I had an MRI last night on my took 40 minutes!!! Who knew a MRI on just my knee would take so long?? Well now it is just a waiting game to find out the results.

I have a meeting with Tyrique's school on Friday in regards to testing him for learning disabilities. I will write a whole post on learning disabilities and my children. I am just hoping the school tests him and gets him the help he needs to succeed.

Ok enough for today, sorry it was a bit random. My mind is not 100% here (it is outside smoking).

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