Friday, October 23, 2009

Five Question Friday

My Little Life

Since I had such fun playing Five Question Friday last week I decided to do it again this week. If you want to play along just click on the button above or go to Mama M's page.

1. Whats your favorite horror movie?

I don't really like horror movies but if I had to pick just one I would say Saw or Final Destination (ok so I couldn't pick just one). Even though I have only seen three of the Saw movies, I liked the three that I did see. I will never forget when I watched the first one....the ending pissed me off so bad that I jumped off the couch screaming. I have a hard time sitting still long enough to watch a whole scary movie and then to sit there through that movie and have it end that way pissed me off. The Final Destination was a good movie and I have seen all of them except the new one that just came out. I will see that one when it comes out on HBO or Showtime or something.

2. Bath tub or Hot tub?

Well if I had a choice I would have to say BOTH!!! I love taking baths, I take one almost every day. It is so relaxing to lay in the tub with a good book and some candles lit (the candles are not an everyday thing, they are reserved for really hard days LOL). I also love Hot tubs and if I had one in my house or on my patio I would probably use it every day. I would also just take a jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom and skip out on the bath tub and hot tub :o)

3. Do you prefer to view a movie at the theater or at home?

I think I would have to say at home. My husband will tell you in a heart beat that I can not sit still long enough to watch a movie (I have ADHD when it comes to sitting still to watch anything on TV or even a movie, I can always come up with 6 thousand other things that I could be doing instead of wasting time sitting on the couch). I do like to go to the movies every once in a while though. I love that I can pause the movie when I watch it at home :o)

4. If you could chose a maid, cook or chauffeur, which one would you choose?

A maid no a cook no a maid no a cook no a maid no a cook. I don't mind cooking but it would be really nice to have someone here to do it for me so that we can eat healthy food. If I had a choice I would only have my family eat all organic and healthy food but I can not afford it. But if it really came down to it I think I would have to choose a maid!!! Then at least my house would stay clean all the time....poor maid would be working her ass off and never get a break....oh wait that's what I do all day every day!!! As I am typing this post I am doing laundry, dishes and cleaning (just took a few minute break to write a little something here :o). Yep I think I would definitely choose a MAID!!!

5. Electric Slide, Boot Scootin' Boogie, or the Macarena?

None of the above!!! I make a HUGE fool of myself when I try to dance to these kinds of songs so I just do not do it!!! I try to avoid embarrassing myself in public every chance I get....being clumsy and tripping over my own two feet and bumping into everything is embarrassing enough for me.

Well that was a whole lot of fun. If you want to answer these Five Questions on this wonderful Friday just visit Mama M for her blog carnival Five Question Friday!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


The (Un)Experienced Mom said...

I picked cook for the reasons you I suck at cooking!


Mama M. said...

Loved it! Glad you joined us again! I'm all over the maid thing, too!

Mind Of Mindi said...

I'm totally ADHD when it comes to movies too! My husband always knows if i'm into one if I'm not up after the first 20 minutes cleaning, or napping next to him! :)