Friday, October 2, 2009

Straight or Gay???

Have you ever questioned your husbands sexuality??? I sure have!!! My husband is a metro-sexual....before I married him I had no idea what a metro-sexual was. Well I can not explain how all metros are but I can tell you how my husband is....he gets a hair cut once a week, his shoes ALWAYS match his outfit, he cares more about his looks than is normal for a man to care, etc. I know that my husband is not gay because he is very secure with his sexuality but the outfit he wore today had me asking him some serious questions in regards to how he feels about women!!!

Below is the outfit he wore tell me what you think! Does this look like something a married hetero-sexual wears??? The shoes are what threw me off, he borrowed those from a friend and I asked him if the friends was a female. Hahahahaha

Even Kobe was wondering what his Daddy was doing wearing those shoes???

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