Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Toot Your Horn Tuesday

Good Morning (almost afternoon), it is time for Toot Your Horn Tuesday!!! This is a blog carnival created by A Silly Little Sparrow as a way for us Mom's to Toot our Horns when no one else recognizes all the things we do. Or just for us to Toot our Horn for something we want more recognition for :o) After reading my blog click on the button above or here to visit A Silly Little Sparrow and join in the fun!!!

I am starting my Toot off by saying that today is day 2 of quitting smoking for me and I am so proud of myself!!! I have wanted to quit for awhile but my last attempt didn't end so well. This time I am going to do it come hell or high water!

As a family we used to always sit at the dinner table and eat together. We got away from that awhile back and it has always bothered me that we do not sit and eat together. This weekend I told Dewayne that we will sit together from now on. On Sunday I cooked a HUGE meal and had everyone sit together at the dinner table. The boys asked me if it was a Holiday because we had so much food :o) Nope I just wanted to go all out and have something good to eat since it was Sunday! Anyway we will now sit together at that dinner table and eat and talk about our day like we used to. The boys were so excited when we were all sitting there. Markus asked if he could say grace and of course we let him and he was so cute taking his time and making sure to say the right thing cause it was his first time :o)

That's it for today's Toot Your Horn Tuesday. Go visit A Silly Little Sparrow and join in the fun....you won't regret it.

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