Friday, October 23, 2009

Not feeling so good Thursday

No I am not trying to start any kind of blog carnival with the title. Kobe and Tyrique are sick....again!!!! They were just sick the other day, how can this be happening again??

It all started on a cold rainy night...

Hahaha just kidding, it all started this morning at 4:48 am. Kobe woke up crying and was absolutely miserable. I picked him up out of his crib and tried to comfort him so he would go back to sleep and of course the only thing that worked was bringing him to Mamma and Daddy's bed. He fell asleep soon after we snuggled tightly together. He didn't sleep very well after that but he slept at least.

A few hours later I woke Markus and Tyrique up so they could get ready for school. Tyrique woke up sneezing this morning and I am talking about not just a sneeze here and there....he sneezed what must have been 10 times in a row over and over and over again. Poor thing he has really bad allergies and sneezes all the time but never as bad as he did this morning. Tyrique sneezed his way through his morning routine and took his Claritin like he does every morning before he left for school.

Well Kobe woke up about 8 am and when he did he was really grumpy!!! He wanted nothing to do with anything other than his Mamma. We snuggled in the bed for about another hour and then Kobe started complaining that his ear hurt! Poor thing was pulling at his right ear and sticking his little fingers in it. " eeer hut" Well I called the pediatricians office and of course they have nothing open until tomorrow afternoon. So I decided to take him to the ER so he would not have to suffer for 30+ hours.

As I am getting ready to leave to go to the Er Tyrique's school calls. The nurse said that Tyrique's allergies were so bad that he was just miserable. She said that he did not have a fever and I didn't have to pick him up if it was a problem but his head was hurting and he was really congested. Of course I am not going to make my child suffer through the day not feeling good so I went and picked him up on my way to the ER with Kobe.

At the ER we found out that Kobe doesn't have an ear infection but he has fluid in the inner ear. The Dr said that sometimes it leads to ear infections and it causes a lot of pain and she told me to give Kobe Tylenol and Motrin for the pain. Guess what that mean??? I will be back in the ER in the next few days with Kobe because he will have a full blown ear infection!!!

So home we went and Kobe and Tyrique both laid down for naps. Tyrique is feeling better after he woke up (I gave him benedryl when we got home) and Kobe seems to be better on pain meds. I am hoping that everyone will be all better tomorrow :o)

Now I am going to go lay down and watch all my favorite shows. Have a great night everyone :o)

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