Monday, October 26, 2009

Not me! Monday (100th Post)

This post is my 100th post!!

It's Monday already, I feel like it was just Monday yesterday!!! Well one good thing about Monday's are the blog carnival that MckMama started called Not me! Monday. It is a fun way of getting all the things off your chest that you would not otherwise say. So join me and the hundreds of other bloggers who play along. Click on the button above or on MckMama's name and it will take you straight to MckMama's blog and you can read her Not me! Monday and everyone else's.

Every morning (well I try every morning) I get up and make my bed and open my curtains in my room. Every morning this little monster does not jump on my bed and get in the pillows.

Every morning he does not play hide and go seek in my pillows.

And every morning he does not toss all the pillows all around and scream and try to scare his Mamma when he pops out of the pillows.

And every morning no matter how many times he has not done this, it is just as cute as the first time he did not do this. The funny thing is that Maya (my daughter oh I mean dog) does this with him. I just didn't have my camera upstairs when she was with Kobe. The two of them messing up my bed a few times a day are so not the cutest little munchkins ever!!!

So I have mentioned the dresser I am refinishing in this post and I swear to you all that I have not been busting my ass trying to refinish this dresser and this last week I did not have the paint sitting on top of the grill while I was waiting to go back to my project. My wonderful, beautiful, never naughty, always behaving daughter...ahem dog did not knock the paint can off the grill and all over my patio!!! This did not cause blue paint to go all over the place, including all over Maya!!!

This is what my patio did not look like when I let Maya inside. I was so frantic that I did not scream for the boys to take Maya straight upstairs and give her a bath before getting a picture of my blue dog.

This is not a second shot of my patio covered in blue paint!!!

So this edition of Not me! Monday ended up being about my wonderful never naughty Kobe and Maya. If you want to play along and write your own Not me! Monday just click on the button above or head over to MckMama's blog. Have fun and have a wonderful Monday!!!


Arizona Mamma said...

Ugh! The paint must have been (or must not have been, I should say) a nightmare!!

The (Un)Experienced Mom said...

Hi Helga!

This is the information I used to get my blog into a 3 column format. I will admit I did have some trouble and had to ask some other bloggers for help, but might have been b/c I was seriously tired when I attempted it! Hope this helps!


Helga said...

Arizona Mamma, yes that paint was and still is a nightmare! We haven't gotten all of it off the patio, we are borrowing our neighbors pressure washer to get the rest of it out.

(Un)Experienced Mom thank you so much for your help. You ROCK!!!