Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Not me! Monday

It is time for Not me! Monday. Did you do something really embarrassing that you are to ashamed to tell anyone??? Don't be....join the fun and write your own Not me! Monday and you could win something this week!! That's right there is a give away at MckMama's blog to one lucky participant (please let it be me :o). So after reading my Not me! Monday click here, here or here to be directed straight to MckMama's blog and join in the fun!!!

My mind is not completely blank right now trying to think of something that happened in the last week. I really NEED to write a list every week for Not me! Monday because by the time Monday comes around my mind goes blank!!!

Oh I just thought of something really funny that did not happened the other night. I was not cooking pork tenderloin for dinner when Tyrique walked into the kitchen and asked me what was for dinner. I then did not look into the pan that the pork was laying in waiting to go into the oven and tell my son that we were having PIG PENIS for dinner!!!! I laughed so hard my stomach was hurting at his expression. Tyrique and I have a really good relationship and I know that he can take a joke like that and still eat his dinner as if it is the best thing he has even tasted....Markus on the other hand is not one of those children.

So about an hour later dinner is not sitting on the table waiting to be devoured when Markus walks into the kitchen and asks what's for dinner. Tyrique did not turn around and tell him PIG PENIS!!! OMG I thought I was going to fall off my chair laughing. Markus did not turn every shade of green then and refuse to eat his dinner.

When we sit at the table we play a little game telling everyone what our good of the day was and our bad of the day. Well I did not wait till Markus had had a few bites of his meat to tell him that my good of the day was that since I am not working anymore and we are trying to save money every way we can, that I was really excited to find this really cheap pork at the store so I can feed my kids. I then did not say that the cheap pork was PIG PENIS and watch Markus turn every shade of green again. Hahahahahaha

Sometimes being the Mamma of a bunch of boys is so much better than other times!!! Imagine if I would have had a girl sitting at that dinner table....she probably would have had a hissy fit (I just say that because I am really jealous of everyone that has little girls because I will never have one)!!!

That is it for this weeks edition of Not me! Monday sorry it was really gross!!! Remember to head over to MckMama's blog and join in the fun so you can have a chance at that giveaway!!! Don't forget about TOOT YOUR HORN TUESDAY tomorrow!!!!

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