Saturday, October 10, 2009


So this week has been a rather icky week here in our household. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Tyrique was sick. He had a fever, sore throat, and was sick to his stomach. Poor thing was so out of it on Monday that he slept most of the day away. Just when I am thinking he has Swine flu he gets better. Thank God because the Swine flu scares me. He was really happy to get to go to school on Thursday. Now he is all better and you can't even tell he was sick. I love how fast he recovers from illnesses. He just wants to be able to go outside to play with his friends and not have to stay in this house.

Well yesterday (Thursday) I had a Drs. appointment and Kobe was at the neighbors house. When I came to get him she told me that he didn't eat anything for breakfast, all he did was drink his juice. I thought that was kind of weird but thought maybe he just wasn't hungry yet. As soon as I got him home I tried to feed him and he just basically picked at his food. Then he wanted me to lay on the couch with me and snuggle. I would never miss an opportunity to snuggle with my little munchkin so we laid there for about an hour until it was time for Kobe to take a nap. I decided to let him nap in my bed with me and take a nap too. About an hour after he fell asleep I woke up to the thermos that was laying next to me. Kobe was burning up!! He had a fever all yesterday and his stomach was bothering him. This morning when he woke up he was good as new though thank God!!

Now I am hoping and praying that no one else gets sick, I told the boys I do not like sick children and refuse to have them in my house. I want my boys healthy and happy!!! They are all doing great today and are loving this very warm weather (high of 87 degrees today!!).

My Drs. appointment yesterday revealed that I have a cyst behind my knee and the Dr wants me to go to physical therapy and she put in a referral for me to see the orthopedic surgeon. Guess we will see what he says about the knee. I was happy when she told me that I can start working out again though. I have gained A LOT of weight since I hurt my knee and I need to start working out again before I balloon up.

Now I am going to go enjoy a nice, relaxing and quiet night with my hubby. Have a wonderful Friday everyone :o)

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