Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hunt Club Farm

This week I took the boys to Hunt Club Farm in Virginia Beach to pick a Pumpkin. They have a great set up there that is really family friendly. There was a petting zoo part, a hay ride, pumpkin patch (of course) and rides. Tyrique went off on his own to hang out with friends and ride the rides and Markus, Kobe and I went exploring the farm with our neighbors.

Here is Kobe after I placed a pumpkin on him in the stroller. It was really heavy and as excited as he was to hold it he wanted me to get it off of him more than anything else in the world!!

Here is Markus with the pumpkin he choose for our family.

Kobe sitting in his stroller at the pumpkin patch.

Kobe and I on the hay ride.

Here is Markus with the neighbors on the hay ride.

Tyrique and his friend (I got them to pose for one pic before running off to have a good time).


Mamma Sheep and her baby Lamb.

Hello there...

Here we were in a fenced in area where the kids were able to chase and catch the chickens on their own.

Markus caught a chicken (no we did not take it home to cook it :o)

Markus showing his chicken to the little girls that live next door to us.

One more pic Mamma.

Kobe eating pop corn and watching as the kids chase chickens.

Hey Mamma!!

Markus petting the goats.

We had such a great time at the Hunt Club Farm, this is our second time going and it was just as much fun as the first time. The boys love going there to pet the animals and pick a pumpkin. The surprise this year was the hay ride which we all loved!!!

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