Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just Thursday

Before anything else I want to start out by wishing my wonderful Aunt Sharla a Happy belated Birthday!!!  I'm sorry I am the worst niece ever and forgot to contact you on Tuesday :o(  I hope you had a wonderful day, wish I could have been there....or at least wished you a Happy Birthday on your special day!!!

Ah, it's Thursday and in a little over 2 hours I am off for 3 whole days :o)  I can't wait!!!!  Sorry I have been slacking on my blog this week but life has been really crazy hectic.  I ended up working 48 hours last weekend and slept for about 10 hours the whole weekend and it wore me out...I can't wait for that paycheck though :o)  It's all going to pay for the renovations on the house but it will look really good in my bank account for the 2 minutes it's there LOL.

I am at work and it's busy so I don't have time to chit chat but I did want to get my Just Thursday post up.  Head on over to Abby's blog and join in the fun!!!  

Outside my window..the weather is blah (cloudy and it was raining earlier today). 

The time is.. 5:05 PM and it is almost time to go home for the day (I started this blog post almost 2 hours ago and I know I am going to have to finish this when I get home because today has been crazy busy).

Today I feel..exhausted after a crazy day at is now 11:37 PM and I am finally getting around to finishing up this post!

I am thinking..that my bed looks really nice and comfy right now :o)

At the moment, I am thankful..thankful it's Just Thursday and I have the next 3 days off.

I am sleep!!!

I am wearing..PJ bottoms and a tank top.

I wish.. we were billionaires :)<---Me too Abby!!!

I am reading.. nothing other than blogs!

I am working day at a time.  I am the kind of person that is always thinking about tomorrow and right now I am just going to enjoy the moment.

I am hoping..Kobe will go to sleep for me...he is still up!?!?!?!

I am hearing..Kobe jumping on my bed telling me that he is doing flump flips (front flips).

Around the house.. I dunno, I haven't really been out of my room since I got home.  We had a family get together in my room and have all been laying around chit chatting all night.  I just kicked everyone out so I can go to sleep!!

I bet you didn't know..we still have a ton of ash all over Iceland and it is a pain in the butt for car rental companies (Hertz=me).

One of my favorite..times of bed when I am working is bed days seem endless sometimes!

My weekend plans include.I dunno!!!  I am thinking of going to my Mamma's house this weekend but we still haven't decided anything.  This weekend is a 3 day weekend in Iceland and the biggest travel weekend of the summer.

Now that I am finally done filling this out.....9 hours later!!!  I am going to sleep!

Good night everyone!!!


Murdock's mama said...

haha...I was hoping you would say something...I posted that because I have had the song in my head since your post! :) Yay for 3 days off...and no weekend plans!! Enjoy it!

Hannah said...

I hope you are having a wonderful three days off! Hope it has been good!

李家黃喬盈榮 said...
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Mommy Spirit said...

Oh, I sure know what it's like to burn the candle at both ends--sounds like work and home are keeping you very busy..., but you're right, the paycheck will look good in your bank account for those two minutes (lol). I just love your blog--so cute! I'm happy to be a new follower!

建邱勳 said...
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