Monday, July 5, 2010


I am making some major changes all around in my life.  My blog is getting a blogover and my apartment is getting an extreme home makeover (cheap edition).  My Dad and brother in law are going to come and tackle my house from top to bottom.  I am having new floors put in through out the house and then my Dad is going to re do my bathroom.  I am really excited to have new flooring put in...the floors I have there now are disgusting.  I am also painting the whole house an antique white.  I am hoping that I will be able to sell the house quickly after I do these renovations.  I am going to take lots of pictures before and after and I will be updating the blog so you can see the work that will be done.  I am going to move to my sisters house for a week or two while the renovations are being done.

I am doing some reconstruction in the house too, I will be adding a bedroom and losing a dining room.  The dining room was just a large unused room that I used for my other words it was a glorified office :o)  The boys are really excited because they will be getting their own rooms again.  My apartment here has two bedrooms with the option of three and right now the big boys are sharing a room and Kobe and I are sharing a room.  Tyrique and Markus do not do well with sharing a room so not only are they excited but I am excited too :o)

Hopefully the work will start next week and we will be able to move back into the apartment soon.  I have been wanting to do this work for so long and am beyond excited that it is finally being done.  When  I bought the place over 6 years ago I wanted to do all this work but getting the help to do the work was really hard.  Now I have the help and I have most of the supplies :o)

I am looking forward to sharing my new start with all of you.  Please remember to vote for your favorite blog name on the poll to the left :o)


3LittleMonkeys said...

Sounds like a busy time! But an exciting time! Best of luck with the renos!

Laura said...

Sounds fun, I love makeovers!! :) Can't wait to see all the before and after pics!

Anonymous said...
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Murdock's mama said...

That is so exciting...I cant' wait to keep up with the progress. What a wonderful dad and brother in law you have! I love the title Extreme Home Makeover [Cheap Edition] :)
PS..I voted!