Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just Thursday

I can't believe it is already Thursday....wasn't it just Monday yesterday??  Today is my last day off before I have to work the weekend :o(

We went to the lighthouse yesterday and were going to have a picnic there and let the kids play on the beach and in the water.  We brought the dog along (my sisters super cute dog) to let her swim in the ocean with the kids and run out all her energy.  We get to the lighthouse and wouldn't you was really cold there!!!  Like I'm talking it was freezing!  We went up to the lighthouse and looked around and ran walked back to the car and came home.  We had a picnic on the grass in the back yard instead.  62 degrees is not warm enough to go by the ocean where it is windy to have a picnic...lesson learned!

Now as you all know (and if you don't know then now you know) Abby over at Murdock's Mama has a blog hop going on every Thursday called Just Thursday.  Last week she threw me off a little bit by adding a new question in there and I had already written my blog post and everything :-O  Let's hope she doesn't do that this week too because I know she is probably sleeping very peacefully in her bed right now and I am already posting my Just Thursday blog post.  So if you want to play along just hop on over to Murdock's Mama and have a great time!!!

Outside my window.. before I tell you I have to get up and look because the blinds are closed.....

Oh now I can tell you, outside my window is the house next door and some grass between the two houses :o)

The time is.. 9:22 AM

Today I feel.. grateful to have my computer at my sisters house finally (I went to my house and got it last night so I didn't have to work on my laptop....I really missed my Mac).

I am thinking.. about the answer to this questions LOL.  I am not really thinking about anything special...just that I kinda wished I could spend the day in bed watching movies or blog hopping!

At the moment, I am thankful.. for the day off :o)

I am going.. to help my sister clean house today and then we are just going to chill.

I am wearing.. a nightgown.

I wish.. I could see the future!

I am reading.. blogs :o)  I finished my book and am not starting a new one with everything else that is going on (same answer as last week).

I am working on.. getting off my butt and starting to clean....

I am hoping..  the weekend goes by fast since I am working!

I am hearing.. the kids playing.

Around the house.. the kids are playing and toys are scattered...not for long!!

I bet you didn't know.. my blood type is O+   (I didn't know what else to put LOL).

One of my favorite.. new brands is Ed Hardy!!

My weekend plans include..working, working and more working!!!

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Murdock's mama said...

Haha..I didn't add a new question today...I'll have to email you ahead of time if I do it again! You're right...I was sleeping peacefully when this was posted! :)

Yay for one more day off..I went back today! That stinks that the weather ruined your plans yesterday...we're stuck at home today because of weather too! :( Holy if you're buying Ed Hardy! That brand costs a fortune!!! :)

Thanks for linking up [as usual!] & I just posted the Linky! Enjoy your last day off!!