Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bad News

Thursday night I was at my sisters house when my Dad called to give us some bad news.  My Uncle was in an accident on Thursday afternoon and was really badly hurt.  He was trying to pull a boat out of the water at a lake and the machine they were using fell over on him and trapped him in the freezing cold water.  This happened at 3 pm and his whole body was submerged and only his head was sticking out of the water.  My other Uncle was the only other person there with him and he couldn't get the machine off of him and called for help.  It was 4 pm by the time the rescue squad was able to get the machine off my Uncle and airlift him to the nearest hospital that could handle the severity of his injuries.  They knew his foot was bad when they rescued him but they had no idea the extent of the damage he had suffered.  

When he got to the hospital the doctors examined his injuries and they determined that his foot would need to be amputated right below the knee.  There was concern because my Uncle had been in the water for so long and he has been so sick (he had a really bad cold that he was just getting over and I am not sure if it was pneumonia or not).  So far the foot has been amputated and my Uncle has had to have an EKG because his heart was beating irregularly but other than that he is doing great.  He is 67 years old and just retired.  As I said to my Dad, if you have to lose a limb at any time in your life I would want to lose it after I have finished raising my kids and done all the running around I needed to do.  Now he is just needing to heal and then he starts therapy.

After hearing this news my Dad was telling us about our cousin.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer 5-6 years ago and they removed her left breast.  She had two children at the time and had just met a man  (he is the one who discovered the lump).  She was in remission and doing fantastic.  She married the guy and they went on to have two daughters together.  Now they are getting a divorce and she just found out she has liver cancer.  We don't know yet how far along the cancer is or if there is a chance at curing it.  My cousin needs some prayers.  Her youngest child is about a year old and the oldest is 10.  They need their Mamma!!!

This was a lot to take.  I ask you to keep my Uncle and my Cousin in your prayers.  Their families are in need of some prayer too.  


Stacey said...

Sorry to hear that. I will say a prayer for them!

3LittleMonkeys said...

Sorry to hear about your family. Sending prayers and thoughts your way!

Seizing My Day said...

Saying a prayer right now... Hi Helga... I am a blog friend of Jen & Pennie and I see you commenting all the time with them... so I figured I should really come and meet you! I am glad I did... I am sorry to hear this sad news... life can be so so hard at times... I just read through a few posts... You sound like a strong woman! =) good luck with the home make over... looking forward to getting to know you more!
Jenn ~