Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just Thursday

It is finally Thursday!!!  Thursday means that it is Friday for me :o)  I am off for the next 3 days and I could not be happier :)  I need to go to Reykjavik (the capitol of Iceland...located about 45 minutes away from the city I live in) and go shopping.  There are two stores there that sell American stuff and I can't wait to get my hands on some of the things there :o)  There are some things that I really orange scented pine sol!!!  I love the orange scent when cleaning and I really miss it.  I was informed that I can buy that at one of the stores in Reykjavik.  Also one of the stores sells Great Value (Wal-Mart) brand stuff.  I am just excited to go look at what I can get.  I am also going to IKEA...have I mentioned how much I love living close to this store :o)  If you don't remember it then you can read about it here LOL!

Now as you should know by now...if you don't know then now you know...Abby over at Murdock's Mama has a great Thursday blog hop called Just Thursday.  She asks the questions and we answer them....I love blog hops like that, I don't have to think too hard LOL!  After reading my answers head on over and play along too.  Leave me some comment love letting me know you played along and I will come check you out :o)

Now on to the questions....

Outside my window.. it is raining like crazy and it is really blah!!  The Taxis are in their regular place though and the planes are flying!!!

The time is.. 9:01 Am

Today I feel.. excited about having the next few days off :o)

I am thinking.. that I need to finish my grocery list by the end of the day so I won't have to worry about finishing it tomorrow.

At the moment, I am thankful.. for my boys.  I don't know where I would be without them.
I am going.. to Reykjavik tomorrow (did I mention that?  LOL  I'm excited...what can I say).

I am wearing.. my uniform...dark gray pants, white shirt and a dark gray vest with some heels.

I wish.. I could get everything on my to do list done in a day...too bad it is going to take a lot longer than that!!

I am reading.. nothing.  I don't have time to read!  I'm tired of this answer...maybe one day I will have something more exciting to say.  I just got the book The short life of Bree Turner by Stephanie Meyer (Twilight book) and I really want to read it before I see Eclipse.

I am working on.. this blog post and getting all kinds of work stuff done.

I am hoping..  this day goes smoothly here at work.  Yesterday was kinda crazy...I was asleep less than two hours after getting off of work.

I am hearing.. the buzz of the airport all around me.

Around the house.. the house needs to be usually needs a cleaning after my shifts.  I need to catch up on laundry (there is not too much) and I need to wash the sheets off of the beds.  I love clean sheets :o)

I bet you didn't know.. I am a Sales Agent at Hertz rental cars :o)  

One of my favorite.. I am going to tell you one of my favorite things to do.  When I get up to go to work in the morning (I leave the house by 5 am) I look at the boys sleeping and my heart swells.  They are so innocent and pure and I love it!  It makes me feel so complete to look at their sweet faces and to know that they are all mine :o)


Pennie said...

Helga, loved your answers. I went on Murdock's Mama's blog and she didn't have her blog carnival up yet for I just went off of yours. :)

Thanks - I had nothing to post for today!

So what's the time difference between you and I? It's 7:23am here.

Pennie said...

I answered my own question...when I posted, your comment section said it was 12:23pm in your time. :)

Murdock's mama said...

I did not know that you are working for Hertz...I used to work for Enterprise at the airport close to here. Don't you find it hard to explain what you do to people...they never really seemed to understand when I was trying to tell them it is like crazy-busy! I don't miss the days of working 12 hours [closing] and then [opening] the next day. I swear I should have just slept there some days...ugh! You go girl...I'm proud that you can hold that job as a single mother!!!

Thanks for playing along [like always!] I just posted the link!

Enjoy your time off!!!

Laura said...

I love reading about people...does that make me weird?? :) I hope you have a wonderful (long!) weekend and get lots of fun stuff while shopping. :)

3LittleMonkeys said...

Cool must meet people from all over the world!

I just The Bachelorette where they were in Iceland. They were in Reykjavik! It looks so beautiful there!

Anonymous said...
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