Saturday, July 10, 2010


So my sisters and I went to see the movie Eclipse this past week and I have to was really good!!!  I love the love story between Bella and Edward and I have started calling them Bedward (kinda like Bennifer...Ben Afflack and Jennifer Lopez) LOL.  My sisters thought that was a really funny name and told me I needed to write about it on my blog, Amelia and Birgitta..........this blog post is for you :o)

There were a few scenes in the movie that made us question vampire and human relationships and human and werewolf relationships and then there were just some plain out questions that we had.  Here is a list of some of those questions.

  • If Edward is hard as a does it feel to kiss him?
  • How can they make it look romantic to kiss a rock?  Can you imagine how much it would hurt?
  • Just a little fast forward on to book number 4 or Breaking did they make a baby if Edward is dead and is dead on the inside and out???
  • Did it hurt to kiss Jacob since he is so hot??
  • Do you burn yourself when touching Jacob or any of the other werewolves?
  • Do you hear clink clink when two vampires kiss?
Do you have some sort of questions about Bedward's relationship??  How about Bella and Jacobs relationship?
I know that if I had someone to answer these questions I would be really happy :o)  

I do have other questions but they are not very G rated so I am gonna leave it at that LOL!!!

Now I wrote a blog post about Vampires the other day and Rosemary over at Steadfast Ahoy had some questions that I wanted to address.

What is it about Vampires that you like so much? Their never-ending eternity lives? Their super powers? There is so much blackness, death and unhappiness involved in all things vampires. Not for me. 

I never liked Vampires until I got into the Twilight series.  I like the idea of eternal life and yeah the super powers are pretty dang cool too.  I don't like the fact that there is so much death and destruction around vampires but being that they are not real....I don't mind it too much.  I would be scared out of my mind if there really were vampires out there :-O  

The thing is, I do not like scary all!!!  Vampires are kind of my guilty scary movie :o)  I am not afraid to sleep alone after watching True Blood or any of the Twilight movies.  Vampires are the only monsters that do not give me nightmares because they are not real and I do not have to worry about them killing me or hurting me.  Freddy or Jason...there really are creepy bad guys out there that do kill and torture people like they did on the shows.  
Did you take your kids to see "Up" ? 

We rented the movie and loved it :o)  It was such a great movie!!


ham1299 said...

Well, I haven't read all the books, but baby sounds interesting. And I would wonder about that, too. I had some questions after seeing the movie, but can't remember them offhand. I'll have to think about it.

Kel said...

That is so funny. My friends and I came up with similar questions too (as well as those not G rated ones you mentioned). But since it is just a good story, I'll let it slide. :)


Nicki Woo said...

Very, very, funny! I am such a Twilight Addict, that I have so many questions, but like you, I think my questions aren't G-rated or PG for that matter. :) I've written a few silly posts on my blog surrounding the whole vampire twilight theme, here's a link for one of them.

Loving your blog, stop by mine, when you get the time. I'm following you. GOOOOO TEAM EDWARD!