Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What are you eating??

Kobe talks very well for a 2 year old, in fact he is actually pretty advanced. He can spell his name and count to 15. He can also count to 6 in Spanish and we are working on counting in Icelandic too. He knows a whole lot of shapes and we are working on colors. He loves to learn and I love to teach him :o) I am taking credit but I didn't teach him to count in Spanish, Dora did!!!

I taught him how to spell his name though. I had letters of his name on the wall and since he was tiny little I have sung him a song of his name before nap time and bed time. He caught on and figured out how to spell his name :o) I was pretty darn proud of that one :o)

Ok so as advance as my son is, he has some pretty cute ways of talking too. He has his own way of pronouncing some things. For example I was asking him earlier, what are you eating? His reply was


Can you guess what that means???

It means Popcorn!!!

He also says

Clocklate milk

which means chocolate milk of course :o)

I remember when Tyrique was little he used to not be able to say his Ps. He used to say Fofer Fuff Girls. That mean Power Puff Girls. Also he used to say Funkin and that meant Pumpkin :o)

Markus wasn't able to pronounce Ks or Gs so he used to tell people his name was Maduuus Dabiel. That meant Markus Gabriel :o)

Do your children have something that they say a cute way?? If so tell me all about it, I would love to hear what your kids say/said.


Laura said...

So cute! I love how kids talk and the words they say that come out different. Alexa sometimes just makes up her own words for things and I say 'no, it's __' and she will say 'okay, but I call it __' They're so funny, I love kids!!

Pennie said...

Bridgette got mad at Aaron and I when she was little because we wouldn't tell her where her "buffalo bag" was. We were laughing because she was so upset because she thought we were holding out on her, but we just didn't know what she was talking about. Where IS MY BUFFALO BAG???? (We don't know what you're talking about.) MY BUFFALO BAG!!!! (Do you mean your kitty backpack?) NO, MY BUFFALO BAG? (Do you mean your doggie sleeping bag?) MY BUFFALO BAG? WHERE IS MY BUFFALO BAG? Aaron and I were laughing...not meaning to, of course, but she was so mad, and turning red, carrying on about her "buffalo bag" and we couldn't for the life of us figure out what she meant. Come to find out, it was her duffel bag.

3LittleMonkeys said...

That is so cute! My kids also say cloclate! Love it. Sometimes I don't want to correct them because it is too darn cute.