Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mayor of Box City

This is the madness we are living in right now!!!!

We have boxes everywhere we the living room, in the kitchen, in the to the front door, in the bathrooms, and a whole lot of boxes in our bedroom too.

<----This is my living room!!!!

I have to walk over or around boxes to get to my beloved computer. Even our couches are always full of something that needs to be packed into a box. I only have 29 days worth of living in Box City before we move on to The Windy Box City AKA Chicago.

Dewayne has officially been elected Mayor of Box City. So I am The First Lady of Box City :o)

I'm sorry I have been ignoring a lot of your blogs but I am trying to keep up with all of you as well as keep up with being First Lady and let me tell's a whole lot of work!!! By the end of the night I just want to crawl into my bed and sleep for Ugh....29 days :o) But you know what is kinda funny??? I can't seem to sleep at night anymore!!! I get into the bed and lay there forever and then I turn the TV on and start knitting until 1-2 and sometimes 3 in the morning. Let's just say I am running on fumes right now!

Ok well as First Lady I have to continue with my packing so I can get into my bed at some point tonight and start knitting :o) Good night Ladies and Gentlemen (probably not Gentlemen though :o).


3LittleMonkeys said...

Wow! did you guys eat all of those bananas in those boxes!?! Good luck with the packing!

Laura said...

Good luck, everything will work out!!

Pennie said...

Hang in there, Helga! Knowing you, you will end up coming up with a craft that will require the use of all of those boxes! :)

Se Graphics. Virginia Beach said...

Hey I knew you were gonna be done with a lot of backing since I left but I never thought you would be done with SOOOOOOOOOO.... much... I miss you endlessly and I hope to see you soon..