Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sneak Peek

Do you want to see a little Sneak Peek of the house we are going to be living in?

I thought so :o)

I'm nosey like that too LOL.

This is a picture of the closet in Kobe's room. Those awful curtains will be taken down as soon as I get my hand on them.
This is the main bathroom. It is kind of dark in there but with my light colored shower curtain and accessories I am sure it will look a million times better.

By the way, don't you just love the shell shaped sink...LOL!!!
Now, I think this is the living room but it might be the master bedroom. I guess I will find out the answer when I get there :o)
So what do you think??? I like it! I think it needs a lot of TLC and some updating but those are easy fixes. I am getting really excited about seeing it for myself and arranging my furniture there.

I have been kicking butt today packing. There is not much left to pack and all the things that are left are so hard to pack...don't know if I should wait to pack it till later or what box is this going to fit into. I am almost completely finished with my kitchen. I have a box that is half full and I am just trying to fill it but there is really nothing left in the kitchen to pack.

Markus's room is done now except I have to go through his shoes...that's easy. When Tyrique gets home from school today we are going to do his room. The main thing in his room is we have to go through his clothes.

Kobe's room has been done for a long time now so there is nothing there to do. I have to do the bathrooms and the only thing that is left there is just the shower curtains and the nice towels that are just for decoration. That will only take a few minutes.

I wish I could just pack up the truck today and get to Chicago and get this move over with. The drive out there is the part that I am not looking forward to. I have to drive our truck alone with the three boys and Maya. This is not going to be fun :o(

I have made an appointment with Markus's doctor so I can get something for him to take before we drive because he gets so motion sick that he throws up the whole trip. I have tried all kinds of store bought meds to give him for motion sickness and nothing works so I am hoping the doc has something clever up his sleeve. Tyrique gets pretty motion sick too so I will just give him whatever the doc gives Markus but Tyrique is not as bad as his brother. Thank goodness, otherwise I would be in trouble.

Ok enough rambling for now, back to packing I go. I know you all have to be tired of hearing about my packing by now. Sorry, it is what my life revolves around right now. I am really tired of it too :o) When I get settled in, I will have lots of fun stuff to write know, about unpacking and stuff LOL!!!


GapGirl said...

SO excited for you

Pennie said...

Not sick of hearing about your packing at all - that's your LIFE!
And, I've been DYING to see your new you know...I'm the pest who keeps begging you to post pics! :) I think it's nice...I don't even think the grey/white/black in the bathroom is even bad. Everything will look so different by the time you guys get your stuff in there and personalize it. At least, now you have your "BEFORE" pictures! :)

Good for you for getting all that packing done today! Way to go! Wish I were there to help. Hang in there! And, good luck on that motion sickness thing. Ugh. Sounds very unpleasant! Time to knock those boys out with some drug for the ride, hey? That's what my MIL has to do - she takes Dramamine, though, and that does it to her...out like a light...she's a lightweight. lol I hope the doctor can give those boys something that works like magic on them!

Maura said...

It looks great!! You are going to have so much fun decorating and getting it just the way you like it. During your packing stage I did not envy you but I love to decorate so I am starting to get jealous:)

Laura said...

It's going to be so much fun putting your own personal touches to the new house!! I think it looks great, how exciting! It won't be much longer and it will all be over with. :)

3LittleMonkeys said...

It looks great! It's so fun decorating a new house!