Wednesday, January 27, 2010

United States of Boxes

I have mentioned before that my Husband Dewayne is the Mayor of Box City. Well today when I was talking to the Mayor he told me that he has been elected President of The United States of Boxes!!!

I proudly introduce you to President Dewayne and First Lady Helga

If you don't know what The United States of Boxes is then let me show...
Whatcha think??

I think I might be going insane living surrounded by boxes!! But I happily tell you that we are officially done!!! There is nothing left to do besides pack the moving truck and clean the house!!! I am so excited to be at this point. It is only 1:30 in the afternoon and there is nothing left for us to do!!

After the boys come home from school Dewayne and I are going to visit his cousin and his cousins wife at the hospital. They delivered a little baby boy late yesterday afternoon. His name is Jeremiah and he weighed 7 lbs 6 oz. I am so excited to go see him, I love babies :o)


Laura said...

Congrats to him!! :) You two are seriously SO cute together, love that picture!
Have fun today with the new baby!

somer said...

Wow, that is a lot of boxes!!!! Moving is so hard! Thanks for your comment and next year we will be here for your taxes! Have fun seeing the new little one!

Pennie said...

You two are a GORGEOUS first couple! :) The most attractive first couple we've seen yet, that's for sure!!!!

You've been busy! Lots of boxes, Helga! You're on the home stretch. Good job! Exciting, isn't it? I'm going to miss you while you're off-line. REALLY miss you!!!!! (Even when I'm too busy to post, I pop over to "visit!") What will I do?